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  • I am Billy. I made this quiz. Again sorry if you are unhappy with your results. There are several possible reasons. 1.)your definition of BA may be different than mine. 2.) Some of the answers were close in score but some were a little higher due to my personal preferance. (that is my mistake and I apoligize) 3.) Some of the answers you may have selected could deeply append my idea of BA on a moral issue and taken your score down significantly. As I have said before BA as absolutly does not include the same qualities/character istics of a BA person.

  • You are 19% bad ass.

    What can I say. Some people think that being a Bad A19% means that you are a "jerk". That is not true, in fact many of the "jerk response" answers would would make you lose points.

  • What the Heck? I didn't answer any of the "jerk questions", and I got a 43.


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