How Bad A** are

How many people do you think consider themselves Bad A**? My honest answer is too many to count. So, I decided to make this quiz. My quiz is for anyone really, the best part of this quiz is when you people out there that are poser Bad A**ess find out that they truly are not.

Trust I don't think that I am at all a Bad A**. But, through a lot of observation I have found what I beleive is a legit Bad A**. Being a Bad A** does not mean you are a bully or you do drugs and drink. I personally is someone who is Bad A** only acts Bad A** when necessary. So take the quiz and we will see how you score.

Created by: Billy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your Sister or Mother has just been mugged. You...
  2. People are talk'n S*** to your girlfriend at a club/bar. You...
  3. Pick your choice of gun
  4. Here are the choices. Pick one.
  5. Pick your high school stereotype.
  6. Typical "outfit" consits of...
  7. When you go "shopping" where do you go?
  8. What do you do when you see a nerd?
  9. It's your choice...
  10. Which of these goes through your mined when buying footwear?
  11. Do you ever hit kids. (no matter how severe)
  12. Have you EVER laid a hand on a women?

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