how honest are you?

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honesty is important to a lot of people, maybe even yourself. some people might realize after taking this quiz, they aren't so honest after all...*even I questioned my honesty*

so, are you honest? try to answer all these questions HONESTLY for a more accurate answer. have fun taking my quiz! sorry if it was subpar, its my first quiz!

Created by: polarbearqueen
  1. hey, lets get started. your friend tells you to listen to a band that you know you hate. what do you do?
  2. lets say you are in 9th grade your and mom finds out you're in a relationship with someone in 12th grade, how do you handle the situation?
  3. you commited a few minor crimes as a teen and now you are applying for a job, but the crimes have been dismissed by a judge. the interviewer asks if there's anything else they need to know, you say...
  4. you see someone at school/ work straight up steal something and they are 'higher up the ladder' than you, do you alert your teacher/boss if they ask?
  5. your same friend is extremely excited about an upcoming concert for a singer you can't stand (your friend just has terrible music taste). she asks if you wanna go, what are you going to say?
  6. you couldn't help it, you got so mad. you told your partner that you hated them! mad or not, you meant it. still do. what do you do?
  7. have you lied today?
  8. do you feel guilty after a lie?
  9. have you ever lied about something big? something that if the public knew about, they would think differently of you?
  10. thank you for taking my quiz! give me an HONEST rating ♡

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Quiz topic: How honest am I?