How awesome are you ?

there are only a few awesome people in this world. are you one of those awesome people. find out here. and dont be a wus if you dont get a good score only because you consider yourself awesome. for all you know you might not be as awesome as you feel. but then again maybe you are. who knows ?

so are you still wondering how awesome you are ? well you should be and if youre not then youre not awesome enough to even be here. but most of you actually deserve to take this so give it a go. now.

Created by: Erica

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your favorite color ?
  2. what color eyes do you have ?
  3. about how tall are you ?
  4. what is the best name for a kid ?
  5. is erica a good name ?
  6. is amy a good name ?
  7. whats the best food ever ?
  8. is cheerleading fun ?
  9. are you bored right now doing this ?
  10. how many times a week do you hit your head on something (including walls)
  11. do you own a pet of some sort ?

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Quiz topic: How awesome am I ?