Why do you annoy me so much?

YOU'RE YUKI, AREN'T YOU. I WILL PROVE IT WITH THIS QUIZ. I'm so bored. Why am I so bored why why why. You will click the 2nd answer on most of my questions.

Teehee oh my god how many times have I said that this week? Teehee. Pancakes are awesome. Make one for me so I can eat it. IF NOT THEN I'M GONNA EAT YOU INSTEAD.

Created by: Hi b**ch.
  1. Hi, Yuki. I know that it's you.
  2. See? You answered the 2nd answer. I am Danny. I will haunt you in your nightmares.
  3. You clicked the 2nd answer again. You annoy me.
  4. Okay I'm done. I can't believe that you made me do this this sucks.
  5. This is what you get for almost killing me.
  6. If you see a girl with pink hair, dark brown eyes, and weirdo glasses, then that's Yuki. Go steal her stuff.
  7. Why is your hair so fluffy?
  8. I'm bored.
  9. Why do girls get all the respect that's not fair.
  10. Pokemon.

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Quiz topic: Why do I annoy me so much?