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  • Your Result: You are rated 10!

    You are beautiful, if you dont think so you need to realize it. Im sure every guy wants to be with you. You are lucky to have such beauty,but dont let looks be too important dont be stuck up. Personality is also important. I beleive personality is what makes someone beautiful too

    I am pretty

  • I got 9! Wow, I didn't expect that. This quiz was really fun :)

  • I got a 8.

    Wow, I'm surprised. But everyone deserves a 10. We're all BEAUTIFUL. (:

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • i got 5 but im really like a 2 or 3 :(
    im not blessed wit good looks :(

  • I got an 8 wow and I thought I would be like a 4 or 5

  • i'd say i'm about a 6, but i got a 7...thanx...i guess. i don't believe everything online quizzes tell me though.

  • I'm like a 5. But I got 7.

  • wow i got 9 but i thought i was gonna get a 3


  • How attractive are you on scale 1-10?
    Your Result: You are rated 9!

    You are very pretty but not a 10. You are lucky to even be that pretty though. You are almost stunning. No wonder you have guys hitting on you. You will have no problem finding a boy.

    hey fyi i already have a greate guy~! but yes a lot of guys hit on me and it is annoying!

    i don't base my self off quizes either (no offense but i think that is stupid)

  • You are rated 8!

    You are pretty but not the most beautiful. You have looks to get a guy. But your not the girl every guy wants. But after all you are pretty. Even if you may not realize it.

    Not that I base myself off what I get in quizzes or s*** like that, but I thought that the questions were unoffensive. That right there makes it one of the best quizzes on attractiveness on GTQ. =P


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