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  • Your Result: Multiple Talents

    You have many talents, which makes you unique. Just like Avril Lavigne. She can sing, act, and she is a great cook. You have a ton talents that you love to show off to people.

    Setting Trends
    You Go After What You Want
    Don't Cover Up
    Cool Quiz. :)

    Puppy xo1
  • Coolness. Avril Lavigne rocks socks. I know I'm unique, because the majority of the people at my school who act like everyone else hate me now.

    Yay! Youniqueness!

  • How come every other quiz is for girls only? Guys can unique too. The quiz wasn't bad though, 3 stars out of five

  • Sorry! Next time I'll have guys and girls :) thanks for the compliments

  • I'm like rihanna? Awesome, I HEART her!


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