How are you unique?

Everybody is unique in their own way....everybody hears that stupid saying. But, do people ever tell you WHY you are unique? This quiz, if you choose to except (lol), will sorta help you figure out how you are unique.

So are you ready to find out How You Are Unique?!?! Just take a couple minutes answering the following questions, and you will find out! I wish you luck and enjoy! Oh, and please leave comments and rate the quiz...thanks!

Created by: aszand_58
  1. You like freckles.
  2. Wearing glasses is a smart, chic look.
  3. You love wearing _____ nail polish.
  4. If you could, you would wear flip-flops everyday.
  5. You ROCK animal prints.
  6. A vintage store is a shopping _____.
  7. You are the first to make friends when there is a new student at school.
  8. You change your hairstyle every ______.
  9. You can beat guys at any sport.
  10. You are a karaoke champ.
  11. You are great at telling stories.
  12. You can design new outfits out of old ones.
  13. You'll try anything at least once.
  14. You are NOT afraid to ask your crush out.
  15. You run for class president every year.
  16. At a party/dance, you are the first one on the dance floor!

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Quiz topic: How am I unique?