How are you in your new school?

If you want to know, if your happy at your school or not, take my quiz to see if you are doing alright, great, hanging in there, or absolutely horribly.

Are you in a good situation or a bad one. My questions are to the tee, and any answer you might have for my questions is most likely in the choices. Thanks! Now, try my quick quiz, if you please. :)

Created by: Claire

  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. Are you happy to go to school in the morning?
  3. Tell me, how many problems do you have with your school, that you can count?
  4. Are you being bullied?
  5. Where do you go to school?
  6. Do your parents like the school?
  7. Did you check your schools' rating and reviews online?
  8. Beginning of the day:
  9. Middle of the day: lunch/recess
  10. Do you look like the other students? Sorry, but I have to ask....
  11. Do you have a crush on anyone at your school?

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Quiz topic: How am I in my new school?