How annoying is your little brother?

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This quiz is about annoying little brothers. It will declare really how annoying your little brother is! Your little brother may only be a little annoying or really annoying. :D

There will be various questions with answers of how your little brother may or may not act. You will get a different answer depending on what percentage you get.

Created by: Rxbxcca!
  1. How does he react when you get new things?
  2. Is your brother always complaining about little things?
  3. Does your brother always say "CAN I PLAY?!?! CAN I PLAY?!!?!"
  4. Does your brother brag when he gets new things and you don't?
  5. Does your brother not stop eating all the good things in the fridge?
  6. Does your brother take your stuff without asking?
  7. Does your brother yell at you for no reason AT ALL!?
  8. On a scale of 1-5 how much do you LOVE little brothers?
  9. What is your brothers mood when you leave?
  10. Goodbye!

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Quiz topic: How annoying is my little brother?