How Anime are you?

How well do you know Anime? Well prove it here! I dare you! Plus, I added in some videogame and a surprise ending question to really test your knowledge of this ancient (not really) art. GOOD LUUUCK!

Also, I want to let you know that the last question is about mua. YUP! It's an easy question that has to do with um.... somethin... just answer it and continue!

Created by: Sharingan Irosami

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  1. What was the name of the very first Japanese Anime?
  2. Which of these t.v. shows is NOT considered to be fully Japanese Anime?
  3. What Toonami show was cancelled in America around 2003?
  4. Which Naruto character supposedly "dies" in a Shipuuden episode?
  5. VIDEOGAME QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is one of the longest running Japanese game series in history?(hint: it's EXTREMELY popular in America, too)
  6. ANOTHER VIDEOGAME QUESTION!!!!!!!! Hoe many Final Fantasy games are there?
  7. This is a question only REAL Anime fans could answer! Who is this person that is saying this quote? " Chikusho kore!" it's in Japanese
  8. Now, this is a question that tests your ninja skills with Naruto! What are the ranks in order from lowest to highest?
  9. Legend of Zelda Q.!!!!! In Wind Waker, where can the Gorons be found?
  10. Last Q. It's not fair, but life aint fair!!!!! Anyway, what..... was my old username? HA HA HA!You are so gonna guess this and get it wrong! I'm so evil! World Domination! 2+2= set yourself on fire!

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Quiz topic: How Anime am I?