How Alike Are You To Me?

There are many mes in the world, but only one me. Yes, indeed, with such a large population of over 7 billion (I think) people out there, there is only one me but so many yous and mes! How horrible!

Did that last paragraph make sense? No it did not. If you are me, you will not care, if not...DEAL WITH IT! I don't have time to deal with all you wanna-be's out there. Take the quiz, or not, if you don't want to...actually, on second thought...TAKE THE QUIZ!

Created by: DragonKitty

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  1. You are stubborn.
  2. You love to read.
  3. You are a cat person.
  4. You hate the computer.
  5. You prefer outdoors over indoors.
  6. Your thoughts on homosexuals?
  7. Your thoughts on religion.
  8. On the outside, you appear to be kind of dark and morbid but on the inside...well, you're still dark and morbid.
  9. Your favourite colour/s?
  10. Your activities on the playground have earned you strange looks from other schoolmates.
  11. History is your favourite subject.
  12. You are quick to make friends.
  13. Don't you just hate fantasy? Ugh!
  14. Bye! I hope you enjoyed my quiz! If not, whatever. I don't have time to care.

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Quiz topic: How Alike am I To Me?