5-Question Colour Personality Test

This quiz is defined to use just five meaningful questions to determine your personality from one of eight colours - Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green, Black or White.

Questions are all adaptations of something in either MBTI or DiSC theory. This quiz is not intended to be taken seriously - at only five substantive questions, how could it be?

Created by: StunnedFox
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In life, I strive for...
  2. In a teamwork environment, which of the following do you most emphasise?
  3. Which do you find is most true of knowledge?
  4. What is your relationship towards your external environment?
  5. "When learning, I am most interested in..."
  6. I didn't realise this platform required at least 12 questions. Please select "Yes" below.
  7. This is another filler question to get me to the ten I need. Please select "Yes" below.
  8. Another filler question. "Yes", please.
  9. ...
  10. A?

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