How Alaskan Are you?

My quiz is about how alaskan are you? You will find out if you know alaska at all and if you are a true alaskan! If you get a 85% or higher then you truely are an alaskan! It should be a fun quiz and you will find out if you are cool or not because if you totally flunk this quiz then your a loser because only cool people know things about alaska! SORRY BUT ITS TRUE! yeahh its true alaska is the best and biggest state out there but anyway yes take this quiz to find out how cool and alaskan you are.!105 Well yes so thats pretty much all i have to say about this quiz because lets face it no one reads the outlines of what this quiz is about, i mean i know i dont! so really i dont see the point of this but whatever you know ok well take the quiz bye!

I really have nothing else to say about my quiz considering it shouldnt take two paragraphs to talk about how alaskan are you but hey i got to have a bunch of words so anyway yeahh so take my quiz please..thank you!! WELL acutally i have keep writing but still you should really take this quiz do it do it give into the pure pressure...haha sorry i'm just tryin to fill it up! well take this quiz please!! Ok well i really have nothing else to say and its kind of lame and i'm really bored right now but to whoever is reading this i bet you are very enjoying my missury! but at least its only lasting 5 minutes but its really 5 minutes i'll never get back! ok yah! Ok well i'm at 126 words now only a few more to go but yeahh i hope you guys who are all takeing it do well because lets face it alaska rocks!

Created by: Amanda
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the Capital of Alaska?
  2. Chum = ?
  3. When People Say "down south" there usually referring to?
  4. When is Derby Weekend?
  5. What is the alaska state moto?
  6. What is Alaska's State Flower?
  7. What is Soda?
  8. What is a 4-wheeler?
  9. What does the government give us every year?
  10. If your from alaska your either...

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Quiz topic: How Alaskan am I?