How Alaskan are you?

Alskans like salmon and to eat caribou. I think I like caribou, and I think I like you! Aurora Borealis is shny and green , I hope you like me!!!!!!!!

That up there was exactly one hundred and fifty charcters. Do you like my quiz? If you do you should rate it. Oh yeah, I am an actual Alaska resident so I know what I am talking bout.

Created by: somethinggood
  1. Do you live in Alaska?
  2. When do winter coats come out?
  3. Your friend just visited Anchorage and says they saw a polar bear in the street. Do you believe them?
  4. It is April third. Is there snow on the ground?
  5. You want to go to Juneau. Do you...
  6. What is the difference between a caribou and a reindeer?
  7. Is eighty degrees hot?
  8. What is quivut (think its spelled wrong..)
  9. Is Hope a big city?
  10. What is a snow machine?
  11. Which are real mountains?
  12. Arctic Lupine is a
  13. You are late for school. Why?
  14. Do you want air conditioning?
  15. Is Alaska a country?
  16. Do you like airplanes?
  17. Do you have an Alaska Grown shirt?
  18. A campfire on a frozen lake...
  19. Do you have a dog?
  20. Alaska is bigger than your state, ha ha.
  21. Finish the statement: Cotton is
  22. Is it a good time to have a firepit in the driveway?
  23. Are snowberrries and Arctic Tundra Berries real?
  24. How about lignonberries and salmonberries?
  25. Well, fireweed is real. Is it most commonly found:
  26. How many dogs do you know by name?

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Quiz topic: How Alaskan am I?