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Creativity, acceptance, individuality, wit, wisdom, intellect, eagles, what would you think of? Ravenclaw, of course! Now, did you know, that Helena Ravenclaw stole her mother's diadem, or any other interesting things about Ravenclaw and Ravenclaws?

Now, let's test your knowledge, do you know really know well about Ravenclaw? Let's start with a simple riddle! Where do Vanished objects go? Or why Ravenclaw's symbol has lots to do with air? Take this quiz and see how much you know!

Created by: Ravenclaw1470
  1. Whose mother was Rowena Ravenclaw?
  2. What is the symbol for Ravenclaw house?
  3. House colors...
  4. As for the element...
  5. Next, Rowena Ravenclaw's death.
  6. Let us solve a riddle from the knocker. Which came first, the phoenix, or the flame?
  7. After that, notable Ravenclaws. Cho Chang supported the Quidditch team of...
  8. According to Professor McGonagall, Professor Trelawney predicts... every year since she came to Hogwarts.
  9. Luna Lovegood - Tutshill Tornadoes were top of the league by a combination of...
  10. Another tricky one - Hufflepuff Chaser Zacharias Smith was suffering from...
  11. Penelope Clearwater was...'s girlfriend.
  12. Now, professors. Filius Flitwick was half-wizard, half-
  13. Who unwittingly gave Hermione permission to get Most Potente Potions from the Restricted Section?
  14. Sybill Trelawney's great-great-grandmother was..., who was also a Seer.
  15. Quirinus Quirrell drank... in place of his master, Lord Voldemort.
  16. Garrick Ollivander only used phoenix feather, unicorn hair, and... as the core of his wands.
  17. Let's proceed to ghosts. The Grey Lady (Helena Ravenclaw) was one of the least... ghost at Hogwarts.
  18. During Harry Potter's guided-by-Riddle trip, a Muggle-born's corpse was being removed from the school grounds. Who was it?
  19. Lastly, Laverne de Montmorency was a...

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