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  • Do I have to wear makeup to be pretty. Because half you claiming you're a beauty queen wear a bit of nip and tuck.
    Bon daui

    Kaithekitten Aug 1 '14, 1:27AM
  • every one says im ugly :'-(

    otty Jul 28 '14, 10:17AM
  • 22%. :O I. Am. So. Happy! :D I CAN JUST PUNCH A f---ING KITTEN AND SCREAM AT MY WALL ABOUT HOW HAPPY I AM. You make me feel sooo beautiful, cookie.

    BTRfreak Jul 10 '13, 2:13PM
  • 57% hot

    shinedown Feb 25 '13, 1:54PM
  • Ummm...26%?!?!?!?!?
    Do u know who ur messing with???
    i have awesome looks and u know what??
    if i ever see u again u gonna get ur a** kicked!

    hinita Jul 9 '10, 9:46AM
  • What the hell,this damn quiz is so not cute.Hey how do u look must be horrible eh?

    Miss evil Jun 10 '10, 4:29AM
  • uhh i got 26% hot......totally boguss.....people always say im really pretty and hot.....this quiz made me feel inconfident of myself im sad now :)

    girly101girl Aug 13 '09, 9:58PM
  • Just because people don't fit your 'standards' doesn't mean you can say (or type) stuff like that. Doing that in itself makes you 0 percent hot.

    RockerChick666 Jan 27 '09, 4:42AM
  • 61%?? oo welll , lame quiz tho :(

    qweasdfzxcvb Jan 25 '09, 3:35PM
  • 57%. oh.

    qweasdfzxcvb Jan 12 '09, 8:56AM
  • OMG!!!!!!! 53%? I suck.... but that's not what my friend said to me:P

    _Antonia_ Jan 10 '09, 10:10AM

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