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  • One you don't have to have sex to be hot
    Two in th e side it says if you are not congratulations if ur not then your gross

    Barbara Jun 15 '18, 7:48AM
  • 62% Not bad, if I do say so myself >:)

    I am fairly cute XD

    Sex is part of God's creation, its an awesome, natural thing, and part of life!

    Nice quiz anyways :D

    Darkestfox09 Jun 13 '18, 7:21PM
  • I'm 13 so I've never had sex so.... but I got a 67 but I already know that i'm hot

    destinyb123 Jun 12 '18, 3:56PM
  • Meh, I expected worse.

    Stardust1 Jul 16 '17, 4:01PM
  • Im 49% hot and im 11:p

    aphmauannalyn Apr 28 '16, 5:17AM
  • I got 40% ;-;

    Sakikirato Oct 23 '14, 8:31PM
  • I didn't have sex and I'm hot!!!!

    Najma Ann Feb 4 '14, 7:39AM
  • im hot wee hoo

    dancer101 Mar 27 '11, 3:06PM
  • Not stupid at all. I got 87 and I said I was a virgin and proud. You're just jealous. Just kidding, xD.

    zomgrenee Dec 12 '08, 5:46PM
  • thats stupid. u dont have to have sex to be hot

    the dancer gal Apr 4 '08, 6:13PM

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