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  • This quiz was totally not what I expected

    Ali_D Mar 2 '14, 4:51AM
  • I actually have a crush named Ryan and he's shy, nerdy, and a little emo..THAT is creepy!

    katnisspotter Feb 19 '12, 4:05AM
  • I have a cosin name Ryan. I'm so glad I didn't get that! I got Maddie!
    TAKE Beautiful Secrets please!

    Wolfygirl Jan 26 '12, 11:18PM
  • You sit in the closet after a few minutes of waiting, hoping your friends will push in the guy who had the 5, just like they did to you. Much to your surprise, you find Maddie stumbling in. It turned out there were more girls than guys at the party. Right after, you two stumble out of the closet in side-splitting laughter!

    Well, uh im a chick thats creepy...
    usually i rely on the comments to see all results.

    gimmegame78 Aug 17 '11, 6:07PM
  • Your Result: Ryan
    After you draw a 4, you get pushed into the closet where you know a guy is waiting, but you still don't know who. After the door is closed you turn around, and hear a faint hello. You can tell that it's Ryan, the kind of shy and slightly nerdy emo guy. You whisper a hi, and you suddenly trip over something on the floor, falling into the guys arms. You both stand there, shocked, until you feel him hugging you, followed by a peck on the lips. You kiss him back, and things start getting a little out of hand. After seven minutes, you end up with a hickey or two, some very shocked friends, and a new boyfriend.

    He' s hot as hell I'd definetly f--- him

    SceneGirlRawrX Jun 16 '11, 4:02AM
  • I got andy awsome then we had 6 kids yay

    chassie55 May 2 '11, 3:24PM
  • just did quiz for fun, im not gay

    wiiwii Apr 12 '11, 2:42PM
  • david???? thats my name!!!

    wiiwii Apr 12 '11, 2:41PM
  • *sighs* I got David first >.< this always seems to happen to me on these quizzes :P

    xxblutixx Apr 11 '11, 6:42PM
  • ryan.... ook and my friend is named maddie!!! and AWESOME SAUCE!!! first comment!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!

    Icearrow Apr 10 '11, 3:44PM

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