Honest Love pt.1

I would date alot of people, I'm not to picky. Umm... I like sports. I don't know what to put so I'll tell you about me! I have brown hair, blue eyes, and I'm tallish.

Would I date you? Again, I'm not very picky. I like sports. I hope you like the quiz! If you don't, sorry! I have to put 150 charecters so...... gsaqq jgdhmbgm.

Created by: Monkeybutt02
  1. Do you like tall girls?
  2. Do you like sports?
  3. The school bully is picking on a littler kid. You:
  4. What shows to you like(out of the below)?
  5. What sports do you like?
  6. You like girls with:
  7. Do you like ATVS?(dirtbikes, quads, ect.)
  8. Favorite school subject?
  9. I might go play some football[yes, I'm a girl]. Think thats weird?
  10. Last question! Will you comment and rate(no effect)

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