18th century romance part 9

PART 9 OF MY QUIZ.sorry for taking so long.

Alexander is medium height, has blonde hair and hazel eyes.Eugene is tall, has black hair and ocean blue eyes. William is average height, has brown hair and crisp green eyes.

Created by: elisabeth

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  1. "_____,where are you going?" you hear someone ask. you turn around and see
  2. you see Francis standing in the hall. "you're not thinking of leaving during a storm like this , are you? your reaction?
  3. "i guess not" you say when you see the storm getting worse."how did you get here?'' you ask ,Francis, "William didn't tell you?" he asks " I'm his brother in law."
  4. that was odd. how was he his brother in law? william was the only child in his family? before you could say anything or do anything, he takes your hand and takes you into a room.
  5. the room is a mini library. why would he take me here? you think to yourself. you have no time to react when francis tightens something on your wrists and puts his hand on your mouth to keep you from screaming.
  6. francis smiles evilly at you as he puts a cloth in your mouth.you don't understand why he is doing this. he takes a few books off the shelf and begins pulling a ring a few times. one part of the bookshelves moves to reveal a dark hall way.
  7. you try to get away but francis is holding the rope that tied around your wrists. he pushes you into the hallway. you see a man spinning a wheel. the bookshelves close and you can't get back.
  8. you are led down a few flights of stairs. it begins to get very cold. you finally reach another dark hallway. the man ahead of you opens a door and francis pushes you in. the room is dark and damp.
  9. the man walks around the room and lights a few candles. you can't believe your eyes when he turns around. it's eugene!
  10. they notice your reaction and laugh. "he looks just like him don't you think?" frances asks in an amused tone. you are
  11. eugene takes off a wig!questions are racing in your mind."i finally found someone who looks just like him..well almost!" francis says.he comes up to you and takes the rag out of your mouth.
  12. before you can say anything, you are knocked out. you wake up in a damp room in chains. "well look who's awake" you hear a dark and sinister voice say. the voice sends chills down your spine. you look around and see that you aren't the only one who is chained up. when you look closer you see that it is elisabeth.

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