Hogwarts [Your Turn 4]

Year 3 at Hogwarts, a time for new friends, family 'acquaintances' and more ways to get closer with people. Now can you survive another year at Hogwarts along with Harry, Hermione, Ron and the others?

Are YOU going to be the next greatest witch/wizard at Hogwarts? Your life at Hogwarts will be a memory you wouldnt have been able to forget. As the story goes on you'll make friends along the way

Created by: DarkMindsReign

  1. I had to spend almost all summer at Malfoy Manor. I planned on running away in the night and trying to get to the Leaky cauldron at one point, only place I could think of. Luscious made Draco and I practise when we weren't doing anything. He still didn't know I could do the things I could. He made us train as if we were being prepped for battle. Finally he and Narcissa had left for the weekend so as Draco went off to bed I snuck out. I couldn't stay there any longer. I walked far, dragging my trunk along and had Aryana perched on my shoulder. Every now and then she'd spread her wings and sometimes hit me when she wanted to fly off. Aryana was loyal and I could always trust her to come back. For some reason she would only fly when given permission to. All I'd do is nod my head and she'd soar into the sky for an hour or two. She followed me but from high up so she could still always see me but I couldn't see her. I made it to a road, a sort of main road if you like but no one was driving through. The street light above me began to flash as soon as I sat on my trunk. It seemed like it was flashing a code. Yeah...I'm finally losing it. A car, something was coming round the corner. It was some sort of bus only it had three floors. I thought I was going mad but then as it pulled up someone was standing at the old fashion end "Welcome to the night bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. My name is Stan Shuntboy and I'll be your conductor for this evening" He put his paper away and looked directly in front then had to look down "What are you doing sitting on that?" He snapped out of his monotone voice but still with his accent. "Erm, I trekked so I got tired..?" I was questioning my own answers as now even in the wizarding world I thought things were going a little too weird if you ask me. He shooed me off my trunk and Aryana hopped off as well "Come Ary" She flew up to my shoulder and we both went on as he grabbed my trunk "Oooh look at you with your fancy trained owl. Don't see many that trained" I stroked Ary as she closed her yellow eyes and seemed to fall asleep. Downstairs had beds with quite a few asleep in them snoring. Stan told me to move as I stood staring at the chandelier. Handing me a ticket it read something I couldn't actually read, lost my glasses again and had the wrong prescription for my contacts. Like I said, I'm losing it so don't judge me. A shrunken head with a reggae vibe to him got the driver, Ern? To start up what was going to be a bumpy ride. I was thrown back and hit a bed which was sliding back and forth. Obviously muggles couldn't see us as we went soaring round corners. As we had to come to a stop I luckily grabbed hold of a pole and held on tight so I wasn't thrown forward like the boy ahead of me was, wait, black hair, old clothes, glasses, HARRY! He came back as went forward and I hid myself under the covers. I didn't really want Harry seeing me tonight. He and the constructor were discussing the daily prophet. "Who's that? WHO'S THAT?" I think Harry might have missed something obvious. When two double decker buses were coming our way the driver had to slow down time and then I really thought I lost my mind, the bus began to squeeze in. I felt sick looking around.
  2. We came to the leaky cauldron when a man came aboard and spoke to Harry, then to me "Ah Mr Potter, at last. Miss Rivers care to join us?" I climbed out from the bed and Ary hopped on to my shoulder again. "Iris? How long have you been here?" Harry had stepped off "Erm... I was able to see you fly into the front of the bus twice if that helps?" Harry just walked out of the way so I could join them. Just again the bus took off as I dragged my trunk off. We looked around and we were taken upstairs. "Room 11" Hedwig was inside and so was the Minister of magic. He talked to Harry who apparently blew up his Aunt Marge and we were both warned about Sirius Black. This was because we both had run away from our pervious accommodation if you like while a killer was on the loose. He then briefly warned us about wandering. My room was next to Harry's and as Harry went out so did I. When I went out of my room, I think It was Scabbers and Crookshanks running past. Harry and I headed downstairs as Ron was threatening to turn Hermione's cat into a tea cozy. They were arguing about it and then they noticed us coming down. Ron had been to Egypt and he was showing us a photo with the whole family a clipping from an article when the twins came in. Mrs Weasley came to see us and same with Mr Weasley it was nice to see them again. I went and sat with Ginny as we ate and Harry had a stern word with Arthur.
  3. Now we were going to be late for the train. The next morning we all rushed to get back to the train. Ron had left Scabbers and so Molly ran along with him and passed him through the window. Harry was telling us how it was an accident what he did to his "Aunt" Marge. We went into a cart as there was a person in there asleep. A man, R.J.Lupin "Do you know everything?" Ron was asking Hermione because she was the one who told us who he was. It was on his suitcase above him. Harry had to tell us that Sirius Black has come out of Azkaban to kill Harry. Everyone was looking for him though, yet no one had ACTUALLY broken out of Azkaban before. The train was coming to a stop and was being jolted around a bit. Something was out there. The train's windows began to freeze and even the bottle at the side. Something was outside our cart. A dementor, its blackness that surrounded it like a cloak was floating around it. It opened the door and its face was nowhere to be seen. We all started to lean back but it caught Harry, it was sucking at him and we couldn't do anything till Lupin shone a light at him so bright that he flew off. Harry had been put on the seat because we couldn't wake him for a while "Here eat this, it's alright its chocolate" Lupin gave him the chocolate and told us what that thing was. The others didn't know they were Dementors that were guards of Azkaban, searching for Sirius Black. He left to have a word with the driver and left us. Harry had a fit and we did feel as if we wouldn't be cheerful again. Harry had heard a woman scream. When we were back in Hogwarts the choir was singing and I couldn't stop thinking about what happened on the train. Dumbledore wanted to talk to us and he introduced Professor Lupin, our new DADA teacher. We wished him luck and that's how we knew to give Harry chocolate. Draco called to Harry from behind him, "Is it true you fainted, like ACTUALLY fainted?" He was laughing at Harry and we told him to ignore it "Oh and Rivers" I was starting to hate that name due to last year, "I need to talk to you later. No running off. My father is not happy with you, one bit." Crud... I knew Draco would talk to me but I didn't want to hear anything about his father and his attitude towards me running off. Hagrid was now a teacher at Hogwarts for our magical creatures. We cheered him on and then we were brought down to learn that Hogwarts was to play host to the Dementors of Azkaban until Black was captured. We were warned to stay away and not get in their way. "But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light"
  4. We followed Seamus back up the moving stairs but when we reached our common room the painting, she was just too busy trying to shatter a glass with her voice. Great. She shrieked but it just made us jump. So she hit it against the wall "Oh look just with my voice" We tried the password again and she opened up. Finally. The boys were playing around and we could hear all the animal noises. We had our own pillow fight and played a bit of truth or dare but at around one we headed off to bed as we were stuck back in class in the morning. We had divination... with Trelawney. We had to read tea leaves and I had Nevilles. We were having to look beyond. Hermione scared the boys because they didn't see her all that time. She picked on Neville and I had to hand back his cup "You boy, is your grandmother quite well?" Neville looked terrified. "I... think so?" She read the cup and with a simple word of pity scared him for his grans safety. She had Ron read Harry's and apparently he was going to suffer but be happy about it. Then as she had one glance she threw the cup back in shock. "My dear, you have the grim." He had the omen of death. I thought along with Ron that it could be linked to Black. Hermione was taking so many classes this term I couldn't believe she signed up for so many. We couldn't figure out how she was in two classes at once. We were off to see Hagrid for our lesson. He led us into the brighter side of the wood. On page 49. Stroke the spine and Neville didn't listen so his book went back to attacking him. I went to help him but his book went for me. "Stroke the spine Neville" He did and his book decided to calm down. Draco had to talk to me so as I went over to him he was already annoying Hermione. "Shut up Malfoy." Harry wasn't too happy with him being an idiot so when Draco said a dementor was coming they all pulled their hoods up so I had to hit Draco on his arm to make them stop. "Ta da!" Hagrid brought over Buckbeak, a hippogrith. I read about them before and I knew that they were very proud creatures. Insulting one was the worst. We all moved back meaning Harry was left at the front. He had to let Buckbeak have the first move as it was "Only polite you need to bow and let him bow back." He took his time but Buckbeak let him over to pat him. Harry was shaking and Buckbeak had to go to him. Harry got him and Hagrid was going to let him ride him. Buckbeak took off with Harry clinging on as they disappeared.
  5. Draco pulled me to one side when he was still eating his apple "My father isn't too happy with you running off last week. He's blamed me so thanks to you I got into trouble. Now you need to pay up. Meet me tonight by the Slytherin common room" He went to walk away when I went to ask what was he planning but Hagrid had called Harry and Buckbeak back. We all congratulated the pair of them and now Draco was up for it. Draco insulted him and Buckbeak attacked him. We needed to take him to the hospital. As we were dismissed Harry was still over by Buckbeak when I went over to say hello, "Iris you don't want to end up like Malfoy" Harry didn't know I'd been down here before, Buckbeak already knew who I was "It's fine, here boy" I handed him a ferret and in doing so stroked him as he let me. Buckbeak was rubbing his beak on Harry as I stroked him. Buckbeak bowed to me first so I accepted with a bow back. Reading about them helped when I went off and found him before. Knowing what to do helped me from staying scratch free unlike Draco. "Hey Buckbeak, well done there, if anyone deserved it, it was definitely Draco" Buckbeak offered me a ride and I bowed then climbed on "Wait Iris you cant go off, not now" Harry was standing back in case he was hit by Buckbeak's wings. "Just tell Hagrid I'm with Buckbeak, he'll understand. I'm only walking round on him not flying with him" Harry went off then looked back as Buckbeak began to gallop off into the trees. The best part about this lesson was I already knew what I was doing and that Hagrid trusted me with the creatures like Buckbeak.
  6. We went off to the hall and we could here Draco complaining about his arm to Pansy and seriously I wanted to make it worse for him. As we were looking over at Malfoy Seamus came in and he was telling the whole table that Sirius had been sighted in Duff town. It wasn't far from Hogwarts and we were scared he'd be coming to Hogwarts. We went off to DADA with Lupin and he showed us a wardrobe with mirrors on every side. He wanted us to guess what was in the case. "That's a boggart" Dean was staring straight at it not moving. "Well done, now can someone tell me what it looks like?" Again Hermione showed up from nowhere "No one knows, Boggarts are shape shifters, they take up the shape of whatever a particular person fears the most that's what makes them so terrifying" She was again being her smart self and Lupin told us a simple charm that would repel a Boggart and we were going to practise it. Neville was up first and he wasn't up for the Boggart to be Snape. Lupin told him to imagine his gran's clothes very closely in his mind. He whispered to Neville who was now to take over. With that the Boggart came out like Snape and he changed into Snape dressed in old women's clothing. We formed a line and now Ron was up: A massive spider but he changed it for a snake on roller-skates. We had snakes into clowns and then Harry who turned it into a Dementor, Sir jumped in front making it change, into a full moon with the clouds moving away but it became a balloon almost instantly.
  7. We were heading to Hogsmeade but Harry didn't have his slip signed. We wanted to stay but instead he told us to go off without him. I was going to go and grab some butter beer as we did Cedric had seen me and asked if we could go for a chat. We went off to grab some sweets then we were just eating our beans. "Urgh earwax not as bad as vomit still" I was laughing at Cedric who had now become one of my best friends over the years. "Oh no." I saw he felt his tongue want to jump out of his mouth "What?" I was smirking trying to hide my laughter Cedric had stopped, bending down in front of me i could see face as he was biting his lip. I had handed him chilli "Well at least my mouth is clean. Doesn't taste great though" I had eaten soap. I thought I was going to burp up bubbles. We were walking along joking around as we finished the beans we just talked then he brought up the thing I didn't want going round. "So you have HIS blood?" I didn't want to talk about it but maybe if I told him a bit he would shut up, "Yes, but please I don't want to talk about it." Cedric didn't ask more but he did just wrap his arm over my shoulders. He held me close as we clinked another bottle of butter beer and drunk up. "Do you still wear that locket then?" The chain was showing "Yeah I love it just wish I knew who it was from" He didn't ask anymore and we drunk up another bottle, well about ten.
  8. We all headed back to Hogwarts. When we all got back we had headed up to the common room on the stairs we noticed people were crowded round again. "What's going on?" Everyone was outside just talking "Neville probably forgot the password again" Ron didn't notice that Neville was actually right behind us. "Come on let me through. I'm Head boy Let me THROUGH" Percy was pushing past and we couldn't see it. That was when Ginny came and told us the fat woman in the picture was gone. Someone had torn at the painting. Dumbledore came through and he was in shock as to what had happened. Filch noticed her in another photo. Sirius Black was in the castle while the rest of us were sent to the great hall. Each door locked and now guarded we were all lying in the hall. People were sleeping in their beds but I was just lying there looking up at the bewitched ceiling. Everywhere had been searched but nothing was there. Snape was talking to Dumbledore and they were planning on warning Harry but they thought nothing was thought of it. Now we had Snape for DADA. He had made us turn to page 394 to Werewolves. Hermione AGAIN came in as we didn't see her and came and sat next to me "Did you two see her come in?" She was now starting to scare me. Lupin wasn't here because he wasn't well or something. Hermione was now telling us and now we had to write two rolls of parchment about spotting and recognising a werewolf as well as the difference between a werewolf and an anamegus. It was quidditch tomorrow and we couldn't get him the assignment to him but Snape wasn't up for ANY excuse.
  9. A huge storm was raging and we needed Harry to beat the Hufflepuff seeker. Cedric was on the Hufflepuff team, a chaser as well. We collided every now and then trying to get the ball but we couldn't just laugh it off as we tried to be "˜professional' about the game. My broom was set alight by a stray bolt of lightning, Cedric went to help me as he dived for me but a bludger from George knocked him and he realised too late that he was actually going to help me. As my broom went out from beneath me as I thrown back, I was bashed into the side of one of the towers by a bludger. I smashed my head right against the wood of the tower still as the bludger kept driving into me. Taking out a plank or two from the tower I came colliding down crashing into the wooden beams of the tower, falling and falling. As I did Harry came tumbling down unconscious then as I saw him fall I blacked out. I woke up in the hospital with Harry's bed next to mine. Everyone had come to see us but Harry was still asleep. Bruises everywhere. My head was killing and apparently I'd gone and shattered my arm. Another black eye and a massive headache, it was going to take a while to get fixed up due to my hand almost shattering completely when it hit the wood and was sandwiched with the bludger. Great. I was still bruised but who cared Harry was still out of it. We had all sat on Harry's bed waiting for him to wake up. He did and we were terrified for him though. His broom was destroyed when it went into the whomping willow. Mine had set on fire and we both needed another.
  10. The snow had come and we were going to Hogsmeade again. This time I was with Cedric we got more beans and I grabbed a massive lolly alongside Neville. We had walked round, bought a few bottles of butter beer and went off to see the shrieking shack. Hermione and Ron were already there but so was Draco, Crabbe and Goyle. Out of nowhere snowballs were hitting them and someone was dragging them round by their scarves. Draco was being taken round as well and they all ran off screaming. We all knew it was Harry but Cedric had no idea. I had to tell him what Harry had, the cloak and he was just confused where he got it from. Cedric and I left the others and went back to Honeyduke's sweet shop. We were told to go back to Hogwarts when the day began to end and the next term was to begin again. Harry was to be training with Lupin. He was learning the Patronus charm and I know he was going to get it, if I could, he definitely could. When we were walking around Ron was angry at Hermione and Crookshanks due to his stupid rat going missing. We saw Hagrid and his hearing had finished. "Firstly they we talking about why we were there. Luscious was lying and telling us Buckbeak would kill someone. He then asked for the worst. Buckbeak has been SENTENCED TO DEATH!" Hagrid was crying and we couldn't do anything about it.
  11. We had Divination again and professor was insulting Hermione without even knowing. Harry wanted to take a crystal ball that had fallen from the table and rolled down the stairs back. I carried on with Ron rather than go back to that horrid room. Divination made me sick. We headed to the hall for lunch and I can say I was starving. The next day we found a man sitting sharpening a peculiarly large axe. It was the day they were going to kill Buckbeak. Draco was talking to someone nearby and they were watching what was going to happen. Hermione went to go after them but I grabbed her shoulder "Let me" Hermione went to him with her wand but when he started laughing at her I punched him straight to his nose. He ran off with the others as we laughed at him running off. We wanted to stay and be with Hagrid when they killed him but Hagrid wanted us to leave. He then pulled Scabbers from his pocket and Ron owed Hermione a massive apology. Instead he was going to apologise to Crookshanks but as Hermione was going to now hit Ron something came in through the window and hit a pot. Another one hit Harry and now we had to run before they all saw us. Out the back door and round the back of the house. We had to wait till they went in before we hid by some pumpkins. We had to run up the steps back to where we found Draco. From where we were we could see the man moving to kill him. The axe fell and all the birds flew off.
  12. Suddenly Scabbers bit Ron and we chased after him to the whomping willow. "Ron RUN!" Instead of Ron running he told us to run "It's the grim!" A huge dog, black as night was growling at us. He jumped over us and went for Ron, it grabbed his leg and dragged him towards the tree. It took him into the roots and the tree hit us back. We needed to get him so we dodged as much as we could but we had been swiped under our feet. Hermione had to cling on screaming and as she went passed Hermione grabbed Harry then I went to help Harry but he just pulled me up. We were flung into the hole where Ron had been dragged down. We found ourselves in a house. The shrieking shack. We could hear Ron and he when we found him he told us that the man was an anamegus. Sirius Black. Harry went to kill Sirius but instead Lupin came in and instead of killing him helped him up and hugged him. "What's happening?" Hermione turned to me as I kneeled by Ron. "He's a werewolf that's why he's been missing classes" Sirius now wanted to just get the killing over and done with. It wasn't Harry they were after. It was Peter Pettigrew. Sirius sounded mental. Off his head and he now had waited so long in Azkaban for this moment. Snape came in and he was up for wanting to kill Sirius. It was getting worse. We needed someone to end it. Harry used Expelliarmus against Snape who flew into the bed. Now we needed them to tell us everything about Pettigrew. They followed the rat as he tried to dive through a hole and got him. "Remus, Sirius, my old friends!" The man was crazy. We were going to let the dementors have Pettigrew.
  13. Harry went with Sirius to walk and now we needed to sort out Ron's leg. The problem now was that Remus was changing. He hadn't taken his potion and was changing into a werewolf. It was terrifying. We needed to remind him who he was but it was too late. Snape came out and Sirius had to attack Remus. It was worse to see and Anamegus go against a werewolf. Snape stayed with us when someone called to Lupin. Harry went into the forest after Sirius but we couldn't do anything. Hermione had to stay with Ron and Snape wouldn't let me go after them. "Let me GO! We need to help Harry!" Snape wouldn't let go of my hood and he already had got hold of my wand. When Snape did let go he had ran off somewhere leaving us to take Ron to the hospital. Harry was brought in after and we needed to convince them to let Sirius go "I doubt the word of three thirteen year old wizards will convince more than a few" Dumbledore hinted to Hermione to use the time turner. She was given the turner from McGonagall as she was taking so many lessons at once. She put the chain around the three of us and in an instance we were taken back. 7:30 We had to get to Hagrid's without being seen. Harry still hadn't figured it out. When she told him she had been using it we went to where we had been before. "Wait, if we succeed more than one life may be spared." We had hidden back by the pumpkins. Harry wanted to kill Peter when he could but we had to make our past selves leave first. We found the same stones on a pumpkin and threw them in the window. We ran to the forest before we were seen. As we had crept away we now had to free him. Harry went over as Buckbeak who remembered him. They bowed and we took off his chain. We needed food for him so we grabbed some ferrets and we took him to the forest. He followed us in with no hesitation.
  14. We saw Lupin and Snape go into the whomping willow. We had to wait for when we could see Sirius. As we could see we watched as Lupin changed over. We ran straight for them. Hermione then called for Lupin. It must have been her from earlier. Only now we had to run. We his behind a tree as we went round when Lupin was looking for us. Only thing was we crossed right into his path when Buckbeak came for him. Now It was time when we had to head to the lake. Harry thought that his dad would come but he wasn't coming. No one was coming. It had to be Harry when he stepped forward and cast the patronum. He never saw his father, it was himself. Hermione and I stood far back as we watched him save himself. Then walk away as he realised what he'd done. Buckbeak took us back on his back. Harry was trying to explain it as we flew along. We got Sirius from the cage and we took him up on Buckbeak. We let him talk to Harry alone. Sirius flew off with Buckbeak and we were able to say goodbye and watch him as he flew towards the moon. The clock began to chime and we had to reach the hospital before the last chime. Dumbledore met us outside and he let us go in just as we left. Ron was terrified when we showed up just as we left.
  15. I packed away everything from my trunk as I knew tomorrow was when we would all be leaving again. We were down in the hall when Harry got the firebolt, the fastest, newest broom. Harry was up and away in no time. As we said our goodbyes the next day Luscious came for Draco and I at the station. "You won't be coming back with us this time." I was delighted to hear it but obviously I couldn't show it. This year for the summer I was actually going to be with Hermione. Both my parents thought I was off with someone like Pansy Parkinson, a pure blood in Slytherin. I was actually spending the summer with Hermione and her muggle parents. They may have been muggles but I assure you they were some of the nicest people I had ever met. People like the Durseleys, however were not. Now, I just had to find Hermione's parents so we could find them in the large station. They couldn't get onto platform 9 ¾ due to being muggles. We were to meet them on platform nine so it was fine. At the end of the holidays we would be seeing the Weasleys and Harry again, we were off to see the 422nd quidditch world cup final. I can't wait

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