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PART 2 TO YEAR 1 AT HOGWARTS! Meeting new people, taking part in the new adventures and getting your selves out of trouble then landing back in it. Let's see how this turns out

Good Luck in your second part of being at Hogwarts in your first year. I'm sure your friends and family will be there to support you and the adventures you have

Created by: DarkMindsReign

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  1. . "Hmm if that fat lump gave it a squeeze it might have helped him remember to land on his fat arse" Draco laughed as he held up a small ball. It was Neville's remembrall. "Give it here Malfoy" Harry stepped up to Draco. "Draco, give it to Harry. There's no need for it. Just put down." I backed up Harry as Draco just eyed me. "No, I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find" With that he mounted his broom and flew around the group "Draco give it back" I was whispering to him quite harshly "How about the roof?" His group of Slytherin followers snickered and watched him fly up. "Draco Malfoy bring it back. It's not yours and you don't have the right" Draco looked down at me as I called out to him but shook his head and ignored me like i never said it. "What's the matter Potter? Bit beyond your reach?" He stared at Harry as he flew higher up and up. Harry couldn't take the taunts anymore and mounted his broom. "Harry, no way." Hermione attempted to stop him "You heard what Madam Hooch said, besides you don't even know how to fly" Hermione started to give him a stern look, "Come off it Harry just leave it, we'll tell madam Hooch afterwards" I couldn't stop him from kicking off as he flew towards Draco who was now rising above the class. "What. An. idiot" Hermione turned to me as I scoffed at how he was going to get himself into trouble. From below we watched as Harry threatened to throw Draco off his broom. "Is that so?" Draco juggled Neville's remembrall and dodged as Harry went to grab it off him. "Have it your way then." Draco threw the remembrall as hard as possible, people on the ground started to lose sight of it.
  2. The ball was flying towards a wall but somehow Harry was able to grab it. A faint figure was standing by the window watching what was going on. I thought I was imagining things so when Harry came back to land I joined the class running towards him cheering. Everyone except for Draco. "Harry Potter, come with me" Everyone stopped and turned to Professor McGonagall with a sincere smile on her face. Harry started to follow her as she motioned for him. "I knew this would end badly" Hermione just slapped her forehead and Ron started to look pretty worried as he twiddled is thumbs. Draco was joking about with his group. "Draco Malfoy. This is YOUR FAULT! IF HE'S EXPELLED I promise you will regret it!" I was now face to face with Draco. My temper had snapped and it was at someone I thought wouldn't happen, my father was going to use Avada Kedava against me after this. I don't think Draco even realised that I EVEN realised what I did. "Ha like you can do anything about it. Do you remember my father?" He scoffed trying to threaten me. "Unfortunately I DO" I shoved Draco and took hold of Hermione and Ron and walked away when it was time to go. Headless Nick was going round telling everyone how Harry made the place as seeker and now the twins were also congratulating him. Fred and George were the beaters and now they were trying to scare him. "What if I make a fool of myself?" I dragged them all over to an old trophy cabinet, "You won't, and it's in your blood" In the cabinet was James Potter the seeker. As we were walking away, the staircases changed and we were led to a door. The corridor was covered in cobwebs and Hermione reminded us this was the third floor which was forbidden. Filch's cat had found us so we ran for a door which was locked but Hermione unlocked it for us. "Alohomora" As we turned around... there was a three headed dog trying to get us as we shut the door behind us. Ron was annoyed at how the school was using the dog to guard something. Hermione was annoyed that the boys were trying to get us killed. As the day went on we were going round to Divination and I had wondered off to the court yard where Oliver wood and Harry were looking at the balls. I was laughing how Oliver had to wrestle the bludgers back into its place when Professor McGonagall sent me off to class
  3. We had a new class to attend and we were learning levitation. "Wingardium Leviosa" father had already taught me so I was finding it easy to make it float but so no one noticed I kept it low till Hermione did it. Ron wasn't too happy about the fact she was better than him. Seamus went and blew up the feather. As Ron was complaining about Hermione he said she didn't have any friends, even though I said I was her friend, she still went off crying. She didn't come out of the girl's bathroom either that day. Out of nowhere when enjoying our Halloween feast Professor Quirrel came screaming. "TROLL, troll in the dungeon, TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!" He was terrified and frankly he was scaring me. Dumbledore stood up and Quirrel fell to the floor. As thunder hit everyone was climbing onto the benches while I just laughed at Draco as he screamed the loudest. "SILENCE, everyone please not panic, prefects take your houses back to their dormitories while teachers follow me to the Dungeon" They kept us together as we went back to our rooms. Percy was keeping us together and Harry pulled as back when he realised Hermione didn't know. As we went round the corner, Ron pointed out the obvious "I think the troll left the dungeon." "No guys no, it's going into the girls bathroom" I pointed it out as he went round the next corner. Hermione was in there all alone and we went towards the room as we heard a crashing and a scream. "Hermione move" We tried getting his attention by throwing bits at him but he was too busy trying to hit her. Harry climbed up and his wand went up the troll's nose. "Do SOMETHING!" I was stuck as Ron had then taken his stick and hit him with it. He dropped Harry and almost collapsed on him. "I think we may need to get the professors before he wakes up then." They came in and Hermione took the blame and she went to go find the troll and the boys were the one who saved us. Even though we lost 5 points we gained 10 points from the boys
  4. The first quidditch match was coming up and it was against Slytherin, Snape reminded him. Snape was limping away and Harry explained that when he was at Gringotts Hagrid took something that was Hogwarts business and that's got to be what the dog was guarding, Snape used the troll as a distraction and he went after it but got bit from the dog. Snape wants whatever was being guarded. As we finished talking a Nimbus 2000 came riding in. McGonagall had sent it for Harry. We went up to the bleachers as Harry was readying for his first match. As the gate rose and they came out we cheered as loudly for Oliver, the twins and Harry. Slytherin VS Gryffindor and I knew this would be the best win for Harry. Madame Hooch was going to let out the balls and the snitch went up and disappeared. The quaffle released and the game began. First Angelina got 10 for us. Harry was keeping his eye on and Slytherin had got hold of the ball but oliver had stopped it going in. Another 10 for Gryffindor and we were all cheering them on. Oliver went down as Marcus Flint started to play dirty. Harry needed to get the snitch. Slytherin were playing dirty as they had now taken out two of our players. Out of nowhere the snitch had caught up with Harry but Hermione had noticed Snape was jinxing his broom. We were all worrying about him when Snape had his cloak set on fire. Harry was back in the game and we were back to cheering him on. Harry was standing on his broom when he flown forward and he had swallowed the snitch. HARRY DID IT AND WE WON!!!!! We were all so proud of him. Snape wasn't too happy that's for sure. "Go Go GRYFFINDOR!" As we were singing out.
  5. "Wait why was he trying to get past fluffy?" We were talking to Hagrid about what Snape had done, "Awh it's called fluffy" Everyone gave me looks as they weren't too happy it had such a sweet name as it tried to kill us "Sorry" I for one liked it. Hagrid told us he bought him as a pup last year. We tried to tell him about Snape's plan. Hagrid wasn't happy with us and our meddling. Hagrid wasn't too happy with himself as he had said the name Nicholas Flamel when he didn't mean to. Christmas was coming and Ron and Harry were playing chess in the hall as I sat and read my book. Wizard's chess was the best and we were discussing how we were staying and Hermione was going home. She wanted to have us search the restricted section. On Christmas I was already in the common room when Ron came down and we were opening all the presents Ron had some jumper on and was eating... again. Harry got something left to him by his father. A cloak of some sort. As he put it on we realised what it was. An invisibility cloak. Harry's body disappeared as he hid himself. Harry went straight to the restricted section that night as Ron and I stayed in the common room. I was reading more about potions to get me through this year without disappointing my father more than I already had. They hadn't sent me any presents and I knew they were visiting the Malfoy family, just fantastic. If he also heard I was fighting with Draco, in Gryffindor and just generally being an idiot so far. He would kill me. Harry hadn't been back in a while and I started to worry as to where he was. Ron went up to bed as he knew Harry would be fine, I stayed by the fire and waited as Harry ran in and grabbed us both. "Ron get up come on!" With the three of us under the cloak. Ron could see him as someone he really wanted to be and I saw something we desired. I dared to look. But when I did I saw nothing but then someone came up behind me. My father, and he was smiling at me. I think he was proud of me for once. Then someone else came up, a person I wasn't expecting ........ a pale white face and it seemed he didn't have a nose. He was bald and wore a black cloak. Who...oh god. Not him. Why was he in the reflection? I span round so fast to see if he was actually there and fell backwards.Harry stayed there looking into the mirror as Ron I went back to bed. He told me in the morning that Dumbledore had caught him when he came back again. Dumbledore told him that it showed us nothing more or less than the desperate desires of the heart. His was his family because he never saw them. Dumbledore was going to be moving it to a new home so people did not go mad and he made Harry promise he wouldn't search for it. That night as Harry stayed in front of the mirror I woke up and as I remembered I had a package which I left in my robe. I opened it to find a locket. Inside was a photo of a swallow being set free. I don't know who it was from but they knew I liked swallows. All I knew was that it was from a third year. He or even she wrote "I thought I'd send it early, Merry Christmas" I put it on and kept it on as I was worried I'd lose it. All I wanted now was to meet whoever gave it to me. The swallow's wings flapped and it did a loop the loop before settling on a branch only to fly off and repeat itself.
  6. With everyone back after the holidays we met with Hermione in the library "That's what you call light reading?" Ron was pulling faces as Hermione had placed a small book on the table. Actually a rather large book. "Of course here it is, Nicholas Flamel Is the only known creator of the philosopher's stone" She carried on reading as much as we needed to know. "That's what Fluffy is guarding, it must be, I thought it had to be it.When we saw Hagrid we told him we already knew and we believed that Snape was still trying to steal it but Hagrid told us he was guarding it! Hermione had another idea. Hagrid kept telling us things he didn't mean to say each time. When he did he would repeat I waaaasnt meant to tell you that. Hagrid had won something, an egg off a stranger down the pub. Of course. As it hatched it came out as a Norwegian something, Ron was saying how his older brother worked with them. The dragon was really friendly towards Hagrid and so he said "Awh bless him he knows his mummy." Right... He called it Norbert and we were just confused as he tickled it and when it sneezed he almost set Hagrid table alight but just got his beard instead. "Who's that?" Hagrid was looking out the window and it was no other than "Malfoy" He ran off when we noticed him. Hagrid got worried as now another student knew. Malfoy knew. We were walking through the hallways when I skipped ahead "Is that bad then?" Harry nodded and McGonagall caught us as Malfoy was walking with her. She told us off for walking along at night. 50 points, EACH were taken off us and then she said "The 5 of you will be in detention" As Malfoy was smiling in glee at getting us in trouble he realised that she had also counted him. "Honourable as your actions were, you were still out of bed after hours." Filch had to walk us back. He was telling us he missed the screaming from the detentions but now Hagrid had to deal with us for the night. Hagrid was upset that his dragon was sent away to Romania but he had to be careful and pull himself together as we now had to keep our wits about us. "Wait the forest? I thought it was a joke. We can't go in there!" Draco was already frightened and we hadn't even made it in there yet. "Students aren't allowed and there are...werewolves" We were reassured there were more than werewolves hidden in there. Very reassuring.
  7. The forest was spooky I could say that. Fog lingering and there was some sort of silver liquid on the floor. "See that, that's unicorn blood that is. It's what we're here for. I found one dead weeks ago and now this one has been hurt quite badly by something. Now it's our job to find it. Ron and Hermione with me, Harry and Iris with Malfoy" I didn't mind being with Harry but MALFOY? I was scared what his father and mine had discussed over the holidays. We took Fang but he was a bloody coward according to Hagrid. Draco complained that it was servants work, "Scared really?" As wolf cried in the background "Did you hear that?" As Draco passed me he brushed his hand against mine but we both tried to take no notice of it. "Come on Fang" I went off with Fang and then the boys caught up. "What is it Fang?" As we came to a halt, we found a creature lying over a dead unicorn when Harry's scar started to hurt, with one hand he rubbed his head, and the other he grabbed mine. The figure looked up at us and Draco screamed with Fang ready to run. Draco and Fang left me and Harry as the figure came towards us, gliding across the floor right towards us. It came up and we stood there frozen as we both tripped and were cornered by the thing. Out of nowhere a centaur saved us just by scaring it off. He knew Harry's name and told us it wasn't safe here. He told us that killing a pure animal was a terrible crime and it poisoned you for eternity but the thing that killed the unicorn, the thing that was drinking its blood was Voldemort. "This is where I leave you, good luck." We needed to destroy the stone. He must have been here for that. "Who's the one wizard Voldemort always feared? Dumbledore will protect you from him. We'll be fine" We had now our end of year exams to worry about. Voldemort was still at the top of my list. Hermione was thinking that the exams would be fine while Ron was worried he'd fail. Harry's scar was burning "It's hurt before though" I checked it for him as I walked backwards "But not like this, it keeps burning" We wanted him to see the nurse but he thought it was only a warning. Harry noticed the odd way a man had randomly given him a dragon's egg. "Hagrid the man with the egg, did you see him?" Hagrid told us he kept his hood up "You must have talked right?" He mainly wanted to know about Fluffy. He accidently told us that we need to make him sleep and the way to do that was to play him music. "I shouldn't have told you that"
  8. When we told Professor that someone was going to try to get the stone she told us to leave and we shouldn't know about it. As we discussed Snape going for it he came up behind us. "Now what would four young Gryffindors be doing in here on a day like this? People may think you are. Up. To. Something" he walked away with his robe flying behind him. Tonight we were going down the trap door. As we reached the common room, Neville was sitting in the chair listening, "You shouldn't be here Neville" I had to convince him to leave "Neither should you" was his answer. "You're sneaking out again aren't you? I won't let you, I won't let you get Gryffindor into trouble again. I, I I will fight you." Hermione just stunned him and apologised. "Let's go" We said sorry as we passed and we headed down under the cover of the cloak. Someone got there before us and music was playing on a chanted harp. "Urgh he's got horrible breath." Ron wasn't pleased we had to move his paw. Fluffy was breathing on us every now and then. Suddenly Fluffy woke up when the harp had stopped playing. Fluffy drooled on Ron and we all had to jump. We landed on some weird plant things that started to grab us. We had to relax so the devils snare would let us fall to the next level. Ron was screaming but with Hermione being brilliant she made sure we were fine. "Lucky Hermione pays attention in Herbology." The next room had flying keys that had to fit the next door. We needed the right key. "Harry we needed the rusty one, you're the youngest seeker of the century, we need you to get it." All the keys started to attack him as he flew for the key. He made the key head towards us as it needed to be caught and used. The next room looked too similar. "It's wizard's chess." I could see it from the start and so could Ron. As we went towards the door the pawns brought out their swords. Harry was to be the empty Bishop, Hermione the queen, Ron the knight and I had to play a King. We waited for the white to move first and we started to call the pieces up. We needed to see if it was going to be like REAL wizard's chess. Ron was brilliant trying to keep us from harm. Shrapnel hitting every square, we needed to be careful and play smart. Ron was up for sacrificing the knight and now we couldn't do anything. He moved into place and I wanted to pull him back. The queen watched as he moved and it followed straight for him. "Jump Ron!" I didn't want to stand by as he would get hit. We weren't allowed to move to save Ron and Harry had to take out the queen. The sword fell to him and we had to check how Ron was. "We'll go on, Hermione stay here with Ron." Harry and I had to stop the intruder from getting any further.
  9. Harry's mark started to burn when we saw Quirrel standing by the mirror. I hid so I could keep an eye on the entrance "You it can't be?" He turned to face Harry "next to Snape who to expect the poor st-stu-stuttering Quirrel." "But that day during the quidditch match, Snape tried to kill me?" Harry and I were too confused at it all "No dear boy, I TRIED to kill you and trust me if Snape's cloak hadn't caught fire and broken my eye contact I would have succeeded. Even when Snape was muttering his little counter curse. I knew you were a danger to me right after Halloween, I was the one who brought in the troll. Unfortunately Snape wasn't fooled and he went to the 3rd floor to head me off. He of course never trusted me again. He barely left me alone but he didn't know I was ever alone. This mirror shows me holding the stone. How do I get it? COME HERE POTTER!" Quirrel unwrapped his turban and a face hid in the back of his head. It was Voldemort. He was trying to survive. "Stop him!" As Harry went to run but Quirrel cut me off when I went to reach Harry as he ran to me. The flames cut us from one another and all I could do was watch through the flames. Voldemort was trying to convince Harry to give him the stone. "Don't do it Harry! DON'T!" I was calling to him but I couldn't get him. Harry was somehow burning Quirrel with his hands. It was because he touched the stone. Out of the dust Voldemort brought himself back and shot off while Harry was lying there with the stone when I went to run to him.
  10. He was taken to the infirmary when they found him. Dumbledore went to see him and I was going to see him but waited for Albus to talk to him. We waited for him to wake up and I went round to find out who sent me the swallow picture in the locket. I found nothing and at the last feast of the year. The house cup was awarded but in order it was: 4th Gryffindor with 312 points 3rd place Hufflepuff with 352 points, 2nd Ravenclaw with 426 points and finally Slytherin with 522 in first. That was horrid. Draco flashed a smile at me and winked at me. Dumbledore said he had a few last minute points to be awarded, To Miss Hermione Granger, for the use of intellect while others were in grave peril, 50 points, Miss Iris Rivers for the use of logic and the ability to guide her friends in their need, 50 points, Mr Ronald Weasley for the best played game of chest that Hogwarts has seen in many years 50 points. As well as Mr Harry Potter, for pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor 60 points. "That ties us with Slytherin!" Dumbledore then carried on, "Finally it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies but a great deal more to stand up to your friends, I award 10 points to Neville Longbottom." This took us to 532 points now meaning we had won the house cup. The decorations changed we were all throwing our hats to the air as the five of us were cheered on.
  11. "Come on now, you'll be late" Hagrid was shoving people onto the train when Harry went to go say goodbye to Hagrid. As I boarded the train someone was pushed into me, Cedric Diggory was pushed into me by his friend. "Sorry my friend had bumped into me you. You okay?" He was in Hufflepuff and I recognised him straight away. "Yeah it's fine, almost made me fall out the door but no I'm fine" He brushed off a bit of the dust off me that came from the door as his friends were whispering to each other and left him and grabbed a cart so they could sit down. "Hey how about I buy you a chocolate frog to pay for it?" I shook my head but thanked him anyway. "I should go I need to get my friends and I a cart. I'll talk to you another time though? You can pay me back then?" He nodded and asked if I would come and see him maybe later. "If a spare cart is free later we could go sit in there and talk if you wanted?" He gave me a piece of paper and it was so I could maybe send him an owl someday over the summer. I turned my head quite sharply and the locket flew out from its hiding place under my jumper. "Hey that locket, erm I" We were interrupted when Harry, Ron and Hermione boarded and the train began to leave the platform "Sorry what was that?" He took one glance at the others and then back to me "Don't worry, I'll talk to you another time then" He went after his friends as he ran his hands threw his hair. Finally we were going home, but we weren't really leaving in the first place.

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