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  • Why won't Harry ever talk to me again!!!

    Harry: This person has messed up results. I would never do that to anyone!

    Me: Harry, hon, why are you reading over my shoulder again!?

    Harry: I just wanna see what you're doing.
    Me: Harry, Harry, Harry.
    Harry: what what what
    Me: *laugh* I love you.
    Harry: you too

    Me: anyone wanna be a bridesmaid for mine and Harry's wedding next weekend? It's going to be at the Quidditch world cup! No worries, after what happened last time we're having a couple Aurors in the crowd.

  • Hey people! I know these characters are nothing like this, and I spelt Neville wrong in most places! Please comment, well, if your reading this, you. Must be commenting! Hey, who likes the fact that I'm Luna? Lol! Oh, hi to Loony Luna! I know where you live! This is alicenjonesbtt! Oh, sorry! Ta for taking, and please take War Of My Heart! Ta people!

  • FINALLY! One where I pick the number 2 and actually get that as my result! And I was hoping for Draco too. He's a decent person when he isn't trying to impress his evil Daddy!

  • Why did you only do three of them? You should do more characters. Also, you repeated the first question, like, three times. Otherwise, not bad! :) keep it up!

    Until then, Chao!

    Sage Parson
  • i would just like to say 1. if you make another quiz i am SO hermione no kidding i say her lines to people all the time. 2.ginger isnt really a hair color its a type of person. 3. really good quiz u should make sum more!!!


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