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  • @rnichelle I didn't have Internet for about a week, so sorry about that haha! Maybe I'll get one out in the next two or three days, though. :)

    @hp4evr Haha, yeah, I was just a bit rushed for time and Ron needed to have a chance as well as everyone else at some point, though probably not in the same way every time. I'm glad you enjoyed anyway! I'll probably have the next part up fairly soon, depending on when and if I get any ideas. :P

    @liz_king97 *pats back* Just hang in there. I never said it would happen for sure... *looks around guiltily*

  • Not the evil laugh! Please, no, Ron and I just got together, you can't tear us apart so soon! *clings to Ron's shirt, sobbing*

  • I'm still trying to digest the last part. 0_0 Never mind though, I know you had to fit everyone and I completely understand that. :)

    Otherwise, as far as your writing went, it was smooth, impeccable and enjoyable. I hope you're able to make next part pretty soon too. :)

  • Beautiful as always. ^^ Anyways, make the next one come out in like, hmm I don't know two, maybe three, hours, hmm? :)


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