Hogwarts part 1

Hello. This is my first quiz. It is a Hogwarts love story. Your results are harry, ron, draco, and cedric. I have read a lot of these quizzes so I decided to write one. I hope you like it.

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Created by: Hpcentral

  1. First, let me describe your character. Your name is Stella Meyers. You are a half blood and a third year griffindor. Your mum is a pure blood and your dad is a muggle born. Your friends are harry potter, ron weasley, and hermione granger. You are enemies with draco malfoy because he hexed you in first year.
  2. You got on the hogwarts express and looked for an empty compartment. You couldn't find one so you sat with ron, hermione, and harry. When you walked into the compartment ron told you to sit with him so you did. Al of a sudden, the lights went out and the train stopped. ' We can't be at school already.' Ron said. Then, you heard your brother talking. The brother that got killed by none other than bellatrix lestrange. Everything went black. You had fainted. You woke up with your head on ron's shoulder with his arm around you. A hogwarts professor who was alao in the compartment then gave you chocolate. 'Why did you give me chocolate professor?' You asked. ' It helps with the dementors.' He said. You arrived at school and as you got off the train someone tripped you. That someone was none other than draco malfoy. He smirked and said 'Blood traitor.' Then he walked off. 'Are you all right?' You looked up and relised it was cedric diggory who asked. 'Yeah. I'm fine.'
  3. You and cedric walked to the great hall together and talk about quidditch. As you walked into the great hall ron glares at you and then scowls at cedric. 'See you later stella.' Cedric says as he walks away. Then you sit across from ron with harry at ron's left and hermione at yours. Ron's still scowling but not at you, but behind you. Sitting right behind you is draco. You felt like you were being watched and sure enough, draco was staring at you. You turned around and your eyes met his and he went bright red and turned around.
  4. After the feast, you went to the common roo. 'Stella.' Ron whispered. 'Come out into the corridor at 9.' 'Ok.' You said. At 9 you walked into the corridor. 'Hey.' Ron stood behind you. 'Stella, will you go to hogsmeade with me?' ' Sure.' Then he hugged you. 'See you there.'he said. Then you went to bed.
  5. The day of the first hogsmeade trip dawned. You woke up and there was only an hour until you went to hogsmeade. Lavender instisted on doing your makeup for your date and hermione picked out my outfit. She decided on me wearing black jeans, a red shirt and a black jacket. And finally, you were ready for hogsmeade.
  6. You met up with ron and went to the three broomsticks. You ordered two butterbeers and ron payed for them. You both talked and laughed. Then he took you to the shrieking shack. 'I had a great day today ron.' I said. 'I know what could make it a better day.' Ron said slyly. Now you were face to face. 'What?' 'This. That was when he took his chance. He leaned in and right before he kissed you, a snowball hit the back of his head. 'What are you doing ron!' Harry shouted angrily.
  8. Be honest. Will you read my other quizzes.
  9. Let fate choose for you.
  10. Bye!

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