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  • The dress I see first is from thebridalshop(.)com and if that's the right one, it's beautiful! Stole Hermione's date for a moment, oopsies xP oh, stupid Rita Skeeter -.- I don't want to know what story she's going to come up with for that... LOL "I" am such a klutz XD but at least it worked out with figuring out the clue and all. This part was a little short, but I loved it :)

    @HogwartsLove I just realized I haven't seen you around for a while O.O then again I don't think I've read too many HP stories recently... is yours going to be out soon? Please say yes X) and you critique yourself too harshly :o

  • Oh my gosh, I loved it! :D

    When I saw this was posted I nearly had a heart attack and then throughout the whole thing I'm sure I must have been hypervinalating! I always adore your writing style, too, and you go very smoothly along with the plot! That was always one of my weaknesses. I can't wait for the next one, I love them!

  • I wanna dance with Harry

  • @HogwartsLove,thank you so much! As xxblutixx said,please post your next part soon XP!!

    @xxblutixx,ye p,thats the dress :) Glad you like it! I know it was short,but I'll make up for it!

  • Part 26 is up :)


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