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  • It's about time you updated! Considering my recent mood for something purely Hogwarts-y (you already know the reason - I visited the place just four days ago!), I must say that your timing for this edition's publication is very timely. ;)

    Anyway, I just CAN'T believe Cedric went missing! Although I might never strike as a particular Diggory fan, I DO seem to have developed a tiny bit of soft spot for him, and it would be awful to know that he really is dead. But still, the plot demands drama, and I fully understand the need!

    This edition was well written, as always, and fully captured the pain, sadness and confusion the wizarding world was going through at the time. I'm excited to see the rest of the sixth year, as it being my favourite year.

    Anyway, it was a fantastic edition, and I'm looking forward to the next part!

  • While I noticed the lack of results again, I loved that you took the time to write up some options! I know how annoying they can be to make, but they're a fun addition for the readers. :)

    Anyway, I think this was a great start to sixth year. I still can't really bring myself to care for Cedric (I'm heartless), but I did feel Cailey's pain. That being said, I'm still interested to see how you play it out, as I really don't think you would kill Cedric off at this point. Now Draco is the one I'm waiting to hear about. ;)

    Looking forward to part 37!

  • I have become hooked on your "quizzes" haha im begging you to not kill off Cedric :( . Glad you posted it this year so I can give it some hope for part 37! You've got me hooked and may I say I have a massive soft spot for cedric now.... AS I was saying, you've got ME hooked you can get anyone addicted to this series haha. Keep em' coming?

  • Thank you all for the comments -- I'll post the next part in the next couple of days!

    *holds bat and wand at Quizmaker*

  • WHERE. IS. THE. REST.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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