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  • @hp4evr Oh, believe me I'm aware of the differences between British and American spellings... It drives me insane when reading a history textbook about Victorian London to find things like 'color' in there! I've nothing against Americans having their own version of English, but when it leaks into my ENGLISH books, I'm not so happy!

    Thank you so much for all you've said - as I said to music, I never know whether or not I'm boring people! To my surprise, actually, Rebecca has been a very satisfying character to work with. 'Vamp' characters don't always come easily to me, but writing about her wickedness has been thoroughly enjoyable! :) I didn't like Cho at all either in the original series, and always thought of her as rather snobbish and certainly, as you said, shallow and pathetic. Hermione summed her up rather well in the Order of the Phoenix! I felt like I wanted to do something different with Cho, else she's a bit of a wasted character, in my opinion. Hence, I created the conflict over Cedric's affections between the girls.

    *laughs* I'm honoured that you enjoy my writing so much! I was reading through some of the parts of this Hogwarts Love Story, and it was amusing to see he terrible some of the earlier editions seemed. I think it's fair to say that a writer can always improve somehow. My Twilight fanfictions are not really similar to this. They definitely centre around the romance genre, which I have found in unexpected enjoyment of writing. Although, however much I try I can't stay away from angst and drama for long. I simply can't do it! I was told by one reader that one of my more - shall we say viscous? - stories was 'sickening'. I had to laugh at that. I was told by another reader that the same story was 'horrifically heartbreaking'! Sometimes, I don't know what to think!

    Anyway, thank you for all your kind words, and I should go back to the task of wrapping Christmas present now. Enjoy your festive season!

  • I think this is the first time I've checked in for a month, and it just so happened to be on the day of your next edition. That pretty much just made my day. :)

    Anyway, I enjoyed this as always. This whole Rebecca-Cho-Cailey conflict is definitely stirring up some conflict at Hogwarts, and I'm eager to find out where you go with it in the parts to come. I guess if I had a bit of advice it would be to loosen up a bit with the original plot. I recognized quite a bit of dialogue from the book in the Three Broomsticks scene. Never be afraid to get creative! ;)

    Oh, and just a little inquiry. It's probably pretty apparent that I'm American at this point, so I'm just curious about some of the odd spellings I've seen in your story. I'm assuming "Griffendor" and "McGonnagle" are probably European spellings and not typos since I've seen them frequently. Anyway, looking forward to Part 33!

  • * possibilities of damage Rebecca Gardener can cause. Your portrayal of her is amazing, and brilliantly evil - a true vamp, if there was one. Cho is also getting her fair share of evillness, but to me, she was never a character to strike. She's meek, shallow and pathetic. I don't know why Rowling made her a love interest, there was nothing charismatic about her. I never liked her much myself but then, that's just me. :P

    I hope you get more time to write, it's always fun to read your writing. I'm actually thinking to start reading your Twilight fan fictions just to get more of your writing, even though I've never been a particular fan of the saga. (I have read Book One but let's just say, supernatural romance is not my kind of read) but we'll see. :P

    Meanwhile, looking forward to Part 33! :)

  • Actually, there is a big difference between European and American spellings. For instance Americans write "realize" while English people write "realise", "favour" is "favor", "metre" is "meter" and all the words ending in "-ise" are written with "-ize". I don't exactly remember the name right now, but there was a person who wrote a dictionary specifying new "American" spellings and grammar since the Americans wanted a separate identity and language from the former colonial ruler after gaining independence in 1776. This dictionary was circulated throughout the American schools and people were encouraged to shake off English spellings in favour of new Americans one, as a sign of patriotism and denunciation of British supremacy. So today, you'd see a completely different version of English in USA, which isn't some coincidential deviation from the mother language but was intentionally created. :) You can easily recognise American English just by its spellings. :)

    Anyway, enough with history and linguistics. (I can converse endlessly about world history, Victorian novels and Harry Potter, so I'd better not get started on these. XD) Let's get to the real topic!

    This was yet again another marvellous edition and I thoroughly enjoyed it. To say the least, it made my winter break. I love your writing style, the way you balance artful descriptions with dialogue, your true-to-character portrayals, and the fact that realism is always at the core of your writing. I'm always stuck wondering how you manage to write such wonderfully, maybe it comes with practice, but anyhow I have no word other than "spiffing" to describe it at the moment. ;)

    As for the story, the plot is thickening, and I'm eagerly anticipating what will happen next. Rebecca does seem wickedly evil. I never thought I'd be thinking of this anti-heroine as Frankenstein thought about his monster. Haha. Jokes apart, I'm enjoying this twist and like for any other good reader,

  • I'm glad to have made your day, music! I'm always glad to hear that people have liked what they read, as I truly never know whether I'm boring everyone to death or not! :)

    Yes, that conflict definitely is getting itself working now. Originally, I never planned to write much about Cho at all, and then I thought that perhaps I could do something more interesting with her character - I never liked her much in the original books, so I decided to include her in the female conflict of the story. Thank you for the advice.

    Actually , those spellings aren't European. I've no idea whether or not the European spellings are different to the American ones, but there's a different story behind these! I was lucky enough to see J.K. Rowling read out an extract of the last book live in London, a few months after it was released. She told us a story of how she'd originally spelt many names in her work differently, but that her editor had suggested she changed them to what we read now. The two examples she gave were the two you've mentioned above. In a moment of strange creativeness when I first started out writing, I decided to use those spellings, just for my own enjoyment! I wondered when someone would notice!


  • Gosh! You need to start writing results and answers! I'm starting to rate my fave quizzes low!

    Hufflepuff champ
  • *how


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