Hogwarts love story part 4

this is the start of your fourth year and romance is definately brewing in the castle... Enjoy taking this quiz.... Sorry this one took me so long....

Yeah it's been awhile since I've had some free time... so sorry abou that..... Eye of newt, toe of frog Wool of bat and tongue of dog Addler's fork and blind-worms sting lizard's leg and howlet's wing for a spell of powerful trouble like a heck broth boil and bubble.

Created by: Ginger_Person

  1. Welcome back to your 4TH YEAR AT HOGWARTS!!! YAY!!! Anyway, here is a quick recap of last year. Draco AND Oliver both kissed you. Harry and Fred/George asked you out, but you didn't respond. Neville likes to hang-out with you and Ron tried to ask you out (and he failed miserably) and you went on a date with Oliver. Then he left... This year since Oliver left he will not be included in the results (sorry about that Oliver fans) but good news, Cedric Diggory will be a possible result. Ok, let's get on with the story, shall we?
  2. So it's your 4th year and romance is in the air around Hogwarts. You are sitting in your room doing some potions homework. Then you hear a tapping at the window. You see Pig (Ron's owl) and you think it's kind of strange that Ron is writing to you but you open the window and pig comes zooming into your room. He is practially bouncing off the walls in excitment. He finally lands on your bed and allows you take the letter off his leg. Hey _________ My dad got our family tickets to the Quidditch world cup, but he also got us a few extras so I'm allowed to invite some of my friends. We can pick you up and you can stay at our house until school starts if you want, let me know A.S.A.P Are you considering going and if so why?
  3. Well if you said no, sorry to bad, Ron's dad came a picked you up anyway. It turns out Harry and Hermione are coming to the Quidditch world cup with Ron and his family aswell!!! So you and Hermione are in the same room together and it's kind of awkward. So the day of the Quidditch world cup comes and you have to get up super early. What did you dream of the night before?
  4. When you get to the Quidditch world cup, you can hardly believe your eyes! When you get to your little tent you realize it's a little small, it should only fit about 1 person but inside you find that it is bigger than it looked on the outside. Soon it is time to get going to the Quidditch game. Who are you cheering for?
  5. Fast-forward through the quidditch game... Ireland won. Anyway, when you were walking back to the tent you get pulled aside by someone who looks vaguely familiar. Then you remember that it's Cedric Diggory, who not only goes to your school. But he also took the same portkey as you to get to the Quidditch world cup. "Hey, you're _________, right?" He smiled at you. "Yup, what's up?" "Not much, but that was a good game wasn't it?" "According to my limited knowledge, I suppose so." He let out a hearty chuckle and then continued. "Hey, you're funny, why don't we talk that much?" "It might have something to do with the fact that you are three years older than me." "Right, well I'll see you around, _________." Under your breath you mutter "Weird." Then you run to catch up with the Weasley's what are you thinking about?
  6. When you get back to the tent, all thoughts of Cedric are put out of your mind. Just then, from outside your tent. You hear mass panic. You run outside followed by the Weasley's, Hermione and Harry. Mr. Weasley tells you to get back to the portkey but when you start to run. Harry gets lost in the shuffle. Though you don't notice for quite sometime afterwards. Ron, Hermione and you decide you have to go look for him. You only just find him before you are surrounded by ministry workers who are aiming curses at you. Above you in the sky is the dark mark, you-know-who's mark. Well, that can't be good. Luckily everyone makes it home safely. The next day you leave for Hogwarts. On the Hogwarts express who do you sit by?
  7. The train ride and the sorting goes by, nothing incrediblely interessting happens, after the feast it is announced that there will be no Quidditch this year. How do you react?
  8. After Dumbledore gives his speech and everyone is heading off to their common rooms, someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn, who are you hoping for?
  9. So, that's the end, so sorry this one took me so long...
  10. Well, bye then!!!

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