Hogwarts L-O-V-E Part 4

Well, okay. There's going to be a lot of drama in this part, and it took me FOREVER to do :P, but I hope you enjoy it! Now, if you just happened to stumble upon this quiz, please take the other 3 before this one.

So, in this one you're going to meet Oliver, and have your first Divination lesson! Please don't forget to Comment! I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Created by: TheCreativeFox

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  1. Once you got back to the castle, you immediately head to Gryffindor tower. You were exhausted with the day's events and couldn't wait to snuggle deep down into the warm, cozy blankets awaiting you in your dormitory.
  2. You slowly ambled up to the portrait of the fat lady and realized you didn't know the password. You moaned and ran your fingers through your hair. "_________?" You turned, hoping for a Gryffindor, so they could tell you the new password. Your face slightly dropped when Neville rounded the corner. "You don't happen to know the password... do you?" You asked hopefully. Neville gave a sad smile, "No, sorry, but I'm the first one up, so the rest are bound to come..." You smiled and sat down, waiting for the Gryffindors to arrive. "I didn't see you at the feast..." Neville said, picking lint off his robes. "Oh... yeah, I was... visiting..." You say nervously. Neville shrugged and peeked around a corner. "Oh look, it's Oliver..."
  3. Oliver rounded the corner. He smiled when he saw you. "Hi... you're ________ Lupin, right?" You nodded. "You don't happen to know the password, do you?"
  4. "Fortuna Major." He said to the portrait, and it swung open. "Thanks," you said gratefully. He smiled at you and made his way up to the boys dormitories, while you made it up to the girl's. You finally sunk down into the soft, warm, comforting blankets and fell asleep, knowing you were finally home.
  5. The next morning, you sat down at the Gryffindor table, ready to go. Schedules were being handed out, and your first class was Divination. "Morning, __________," Harry said, a bit nervously. "Hullo, Harry," You replied taking a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice. "Er- I was wondering... would you like to... to..." He paused. "Like to what?" You asked, focusing more on the food then him. "You know what- just meet me next to the forbidden forest before lunch." You gave him a quizzical look, but nodded. "Great! I'll see you there!" He jumped up and ran out of the door.
  6. You quickly finished up your toast and scampered out of the hall, up to the North Tower. You made it up in no time, because last year you made yourself a map to every single room in Hogwarts, even secret ones that nobody, except maybe the Weasley twins, knew about. You climbed the last bit of stairs, slightly panting. "Why hullo, _______." A voice said. You looked up and saw Ron sitting there with a smile on his face. "Ron-" You wheezed, "How did you get up here so quick?" "Magic." He said, smirking a little, which was very un-Ron like. You looked up and saw the trapdoor with a brass plaque on it. "Now how are we supposed to get up there?" You asked, as the rest of the Gryffindors crowded around.
  7. The trapdoor opened, and the smell of a sort of perfume wafted down.
  8. When everybody was in, the lesson seemed to slug past. It was a waste of time, but Ron and Harry kept making you crack up with the jokes about their tea leaves. Hermione read yours impatiently, while you tried to manage hers. "Er- you'll get the job of your life, I suppose, and it looks like you'll have a horrible tragedy as well... hmm... this part looks a little like a heart... true love?" you said uncertainly. Hermione laughed, "Don't worry, I don't believe in this rubbish... it looks as though you will be very happy soon, and live a long prosperous life.." "Oh well, that's good," You said, giggling.
  9. Suddenly, Professor Trelawney gave out a screech. Everybody turned and stared at the professor who was holding Harry's cup, and had a hand over her heart, and breathing heavily. "My-my dear... you have the Grim..."
  10. The lesson ended (finally!) and you headed to your favorite class, Transfiguration. Once there, it seemed to go by in a flash, and soon enough, it was lunch, and you remembered that you had to go see Harry.
  11. You trudged down past Hagrid's cabin, and past the great pumpkins that towered over you. Finally, you came to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Looking around for Harry, you sat at the base of a pine tree.
  12. You didn't know it, but Harry was just around the corner. He had spotted you, and he was super nervous, but he surged on, knowing you were waiting. "_______?" You looked up and smiled, "Hi, Harry." You got up, brushing the debris off your robes, "What did you want to tell me?" A faint bit of pink came in his cheeks. "Ah- um... I was wondering... would you-" He started to cough. "Are you sick?" You asked, taking in the redness of his face and the coughs, but knowing he was just embarrassed, "I know there's a nasty flu going around." "Me? Sick? No- what gave you that idea?" He asked, brushing a strand of hair from his face. You raised an eyebrow and gave a half smile. "Harry- what exactly are you trying to tell me?" He sighed, obviously trying to keep it together. "I was just wondering- you know the trips to Hogsmeade?" "Yes, I haven't gotten my permission slip signed yet, but I can get my uncle to-" "Great," Harry interrupted, "I was wondering- would you want to go with me? Like, just to walk around? Three Broomsticks and stuff?"
  13. You blinked, letting his words seep in. "Is this... a date?" Harry turned a deep, deep shade of red, and glanced around. You turned a little pink yourself. "I mean- it's- it's only if you want to... you don't have to- I mean-" He stuttered, stumbling over his words. "I'd love to." You interrupted, giving him your best smile, "after all, who gets to go on a date with the boy who lived?" He gave a nervous smile, and you could here him give a sigh of relief. "Here- um, I'll see you around- go have lunch, I'll be right there." You saw him sprint off towards the castle.
  14. After a while, you ended up back in the Great Hall, where Hermione was waving you over. "Hey, Hermione!" You said. You sat in between her and Ron. "It looked like you were going to be late, so I made you a plate..." He said, as he shoved a platter filled with all your favorites. "Oh! Ron, thank you so much! How did you know my-" You were interrupted by Fred and George who tossed their supplies down on the table and collapsed into a grinning heap across from you. "So, _______, how does it feel?" They asked. "How does what feel?" You asked, baffled. "Getting asked out by the Boy who Lived," They said loudly. The room grew quiet. Everyone stared at Fred and George.
  15. "YOU WHAT?" Ron yelled, getting up, making the table rattle, and some of the glasses spill.
  16. Whew! That took forever... Wow, a lot of drama right? Like always, please rate, and COMMENT! I would love some ideas! Keep an eye out for part 5! :)

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