Hogwarts(+) Houses!

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Sometimes you want something but you never own it! Sometimes the diffrent happends! Be sure to tell us if that something you wanted to be came true! Be true!

Be sure to "tick" only what you think it's your own correct,idea,etc. It would be great to see you again so check out the parting words to learn how you can join Hogwarts

Created by: GRHSMB(houses) of Hogwarts
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You like more
  2. Pick a pet
  3. You prefer
  4. Pick a colour
  5. You love
  6. You prefer:
  7. Your fear is
  8. The road has no lights and you are walking alone!left,is a poor guy and right a young woman.What were you going to do
  9. Yes or No?
  10. You are walking,and you find a pocket with 1000$ inside.What will you do?
  11. You prefer
  12. Pick a number
  13. You believe in MAGIC?
  14. Right or Left?

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