Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 3

Hey everyone! Sorry this took FOREVER to get out, but I had an english project to do, then I dislocated my knee cap (OUCH!) and then I had some tests to take, and THEN I had to make up some late work, and I'm loaded down with homework every day of the week. BUT I've got a new method, so it's slowly but surely getting done.

QUESTION! How do you guys get rid of writers block? Tell me in the comments! SHOUTOUTS! Thanks to Jayla, AiFiahK3mE, rosekat, Bluebird, natuhleegayle, zomgirl, _celloplayer_, and angelic4 for commenting! Thanks to everyone else who took my quiz!

Created by: _ViolaLover_

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  1. Dodging and ducking, Zan and I weaved through the sea of students on our way to Defense Against the Dark Arts. On the way we ran into Sarah and Hally, so we all walked together as the halls got less and less crowded. We slipped inside the classroom and chose our seats just as our professor appeared at the front of class next to a shaking wardrobe. "Can anyone tell the class what a boggart is?" Professor Lupin asked. Zan and I raised our hands, and we could see Hermione at the front shooting her hand eagerly into the air. He called on her and she explained, "It's a shape-shifter. It takes the shaped of whatever it thinks will frighten us the most." Professor Lupin nodded in approval, and went on to explain the proper spell to use to defend against a boggart-riddikulus. Oh no. I know where this is heading. I felt Zan tense up beside me as our professor said, "Now, let's give it a go, shall we?" No one wants to see my fear-the night of the car crash that my sister and both my mom and Zan's mom died it. The results of everyone seeing them lying dead would not be pretty.
  2. Everyone formed a line, and Zan and I got to the very end of it. Guess who was in front of us? That's right, the one and only Draco Malfoy. He smirked at us and said, "What? This can't be the all-powerful students from Cresco, standing at the back of the line?" One of his friends-I'm assuming- added, "What? Are you too afraid to face your fears?" Me being the quick minded with snarky come backs said, "Nope, we've done this before and want to give others a chance. What's your excuse?" Zan snickered and the guy scowled at me while Draco raised an eyebrow. "Well," he started, but was suddenly interrupted as there was a screaming at the front of the room; my head snapped up to see a dementor sweeping down upon Harry until Professor Lupin threw himself in front of him. The Bogart changed into a full moon, and he turned it into a balloon which flew back into the closet. "I think that's enough for today, class dismissed." Zan and I were swept up in the masses of students eager to get out before he could assign homework.
  3. "Hmmm, a full moon? What do you think that means?" Zan pondered. I shrugged, wracking my brain for an answer. "Um, he's afraid of werewolves?" I suggested, uncertain. "Duck," I told her, and caught a frisbee with vicious looking fangs on it when she complied. "What the heck?" I asked, bewildered. "Hey! You found-" "Our frisbee!" what sounded like one voice but was really two said. I glanced up over Zan's head (I was a couple inches taller that her-ha) to see two red headed boys running towards us who looked exactly the same. When they reached us, the one on the right spoke, "Sorry, we didn't mean to throw it at such pretty ladies." He winked at Zan who blushed and looked down. "You know, the only thing your eyes haven't told me is your name," he continued, looking at her expectantly. "I'm Zan," she said, "This is _______." I waved and the same one said, "People call me Fred, but you can call me tonight." Zan laughed and I grinned. "I'm George by the way, my twin seems to have forgotten I exist," the one on the right said. "Are you full of those cheesy pick-up lines?" Zan asked Fred, amused. Fred's grin got bigger and he replied with, "You tell me. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together." "Sorry, but N and O are already there," Zan answered, smirking. "Aww, you don't mean that," Fred said. George and I stood there awkwardly, being the third wheels here. "Come on _____, let's get to class," Zan said, tugging me away. I waved at George before turning the corner.
  4. "Oooh, someone's got a not-so-secret admirer," I teased Zan on our way to Charms. She smacked my arm as we sat down. "I do not, he's just a flirt," she said. "Uh-huh, sure," I continue. "I bet he'll ask you out, wouldn't that be amazing?" She laughed and replied, "Like he wants to date a Slytherin, everyone has the same attitude towards us." I sighed, "I know." As the week went on, we saw why people thought that all Slytherins were jerks. We saw some of us bullying first years; some shoving people down the stairs, some pulling mean jokes on other students. But it was probably only 10% of all Slytherins who were doing it. I think that the others are just too afraid to speak against them. Zan and I helped where we could, be we're just two people; we can't be everywhere at once. Finally it was Saturday, and Zan and I headed down to the quidditch field, broom over my shoulder. Our captain was Marcus Flint, he was a complete jerk as I've seen, but I guess it's worth it for quidditch. I was going for chaser. As I looked down the line, I noticed no other girls were trying out. I shrugged, not thinking much of it. Zan was in the stands, waiting for the tryouts to begin. "You're trying out for quidditch?!" I heard an astonished voice behind me say. It was none other than Draco Malfoy. "Noooo, I just decided to come down here and hold a broom on the field in the middle of tryouts." I respond sarcastically, but smiling still to let him know I'm joking. He flashed one of his rare ACTUAL smiles at me before returning to the Malfoy trademark. "I'm trying out for seeker, this would be my second year," he boasts. I nod and say, "That's pretty cool. My brothers a seeker, he's really good at it." Draco opened his mouth to reply, but Marcus started the tryouts just then.
  5. It was the chasers up first. I stepped up with my group and Flint raised an eyebrow. "A girl? What are you doing here?" "What does it look like? I'm trying out for chaser," I say innocently. His lip curls up in a smirk, "Well we'll see how you do then. Let's do some laps people!" he shouts to the rest of us, and we take off on our brooms. I easily out fly everyone in my group-there's even a couple seventh years in it. When we started passing the quaffle, attempting to score, no one could catch me. I made perfect steals, and impressive maneuvers. When we all landed in front of Flint, everyone was panting but I barely was sweating. Flint was gaping at me, and I looked at him, slightly amused. "Where did you learn to do that?" he demanded. I shrugged my shoulders and replied with, "My old school was really into quidditch." He just stared at me then looked at his clipboard. He announced the chasers on the team, "_______ Bonor, and Chris Warrington (fifth year), along with myself. Everyone else can go." The dejected students filed past on their way up to the castle. I shook hands with my new team member. "Hey," I greeted him. "I'm _____, in case you didn't catch it." "Nice to meet you. Those were some pretty good moves," Chris said as we walked up to the stands to watch the end of tryouts. "Thanks," I replied sitting down. He sat on my right and Zan came over and sat down on my left.
  6. She smiled in greeting to him, but looked at me and said with a huge grin, "Flint didn't know what hit him." I laughed and hit her arm lightly. "No really, you should have seen his face. That'll teach him to underestimate _____ Bonor!" Now I shoved her out of her seat. We watched the tryouts continue, the end results being Peregrine Derrick (Per for short) and Lucian Bole being the beaters, Miles Bletchley was the keeper, and Draco was the seeker. We all stood around Flint listening to him lecture about our practices on Friday nights. When he finally let us go, the stands had cleared of Slytherins and had started to fill up with Gryffindors-they were trying out next. Zan intercepted me on my way up to the castle and we walked together as she filled me in on her latest gossip.
  7. "Professor Snape was watching your tryouts," she whispered to me. I rolled my eyes at her. "No duh, he's the head of house! He would be a little interested in what our team is like." "Well, whatever! Now guess what!" She exclaimed, grabbing my arm. "Um, ow! Well, um, the moon exploded?" I guessed. Now she smacked my arm. "No! I heard that one guy, Chris, talking with his friends Per and Lucian. He thinks you look cute!" I raised an eyebrow at her. "I bet he says that about a lot of girls Zan." Before she could reply, we spotted Oliver and the twins heading towards us. "Here comes your not-so-secret admirer." I whispered to Zan. She smacked my arm, again. Man I was going to have a huge bruise there! "Hey _______, Zan," They greeted us at the same time. "Did you try out?" Asked Oliver, noting the broom over my shoulder. "Mhm," I said, distracted as I watched Fred flirt with Zan. "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" he asked her. "Yup, walk by again and just keep walking," She replied. "So how'd you do?" George asked, drawing back my attention. "I made the team-Chaser," I told them. "That's great!" Oliver exclaimed. "Strange that Flint would put a third year on the team-other than Malfoy I mean." "He kind of had to, after watching _______," Zan said, approaching us. "She's amazing, you guys will have a hard season, I can tell you that. Come one ______, we're supposed to meet up with our roomies!" She pulled me away from two impressed quidditch players and a disappointed redhead.
  8. "We aren't supposed to meet them," I tell her, confused. "I know, I just wanted to get rid of Fred," she explains. "Aw Zan, it's kind of cute! You should give him a chance," I urge her as we walk to our common rooms. She thinks for a moment. "I guess he is a little cute," she allowed. I laughed and shook my head. "BUT if he asks me out, you're coming with me on a double date with George," she informs me. I stared at her as if she's lost her mind-which in my opinion, she has. "Uh-uh, no way," I say firmly. "Why nooooot?" she whines as we walk through the wall to the Slytherin common room. "Because George and I don't even like each other!" I protest. She shrugged. "I'm sure he won't mind," she says smugly. I don't get a chance to ask her what the heck THAT was supposed to mean because I was swarmed by my roommates. "Well?" "Did you make it?" "How'd you do?" "I bet you were awesome!" "I don't know, Marcus is pretty tough!" "GUYS!" I shout laughing. "Yes I made it, I did pretty good, I don't know if I was awesome, and yes Marcus is tough," answering all the questions. "Puh-lease! She was amazing!" Zan said, plopping down on her bed. "Whatever," I say, throwing my stuff into my wardrobe. "Come on, I'm starving!" I lead my friends down the great hall where lunch was being served.
  9. That evening I decided to take a walk out the lake. I haven't written in my journal for a while so I brought that with me. As I got nearer, I saw a tree with a branch that was perfect for sitting on. I climbed up to it and nestled into the little crook. I opened my notebook and began to write out everything I've thought and experience this week. I heard someone whistling, and it was growing louder by the second. I glanced down to see Draco walking this way, tossing a green apple up into the air. I watched for a second, and then took out my wand. I used the spell Wingardium Leviosa (without speaking of course) the next time he through the apple in the air. I giggled silently as he stopped in confusion. He looked around, and spotted me in the tree. I grinned at him and dropped his apple which he caught. "You're in my spot you know," he says, walking towards me. "Excuse me?" I ask. "You're in my spot, I've been in this tree since first year," he says swinging up beside me. "Well you're just going to learn how to share," I tease, sticking out my tongue. "Nice job on making the team by the way," he says, changing the direction of the conversation. "I've never seen anyone do that well here." I blush and look away from his grey eyes. "Thanks." "So I guess this means I get to see more of you now," he says, lightly shoving my shoulder. I roll my eyes, "Yup, you get to deal with all of my strangeness every Friday night, along with every weekday in class." "I think I'll manage," he smirks. There was an awkward silence.
  10. "Shakespeare?" We both say at the same time. He looks amused, "You know that joke?" "Um, who doesn't?" I reply. "Pretty much everyone normal." "Well where's the fun in being normal?" I ask. He laughs at my logic. "So..." he says. "So...um, are you an only child?" I ask, trying to keep the conversation alive. "Yes. What about you?" he questions. Ouch, why'd I bring this up? "Um, no. I've got a brother an-just a brother." I say, looking away. He wrinkles his eyebrows. "Are you okay? Were you going to say something else?" I sigh, and meet his grey eyes that somehow look warm at this moment. "I used to have a sister, but she passed away two years ago in a car crash, along with both mine and Zan's moms." He was quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry," he whispered. I shrug and jump down from the tree. "It's in the past now, no reason to dwell on it. It's late, I'm going to bed, night Draco," I tell him.
  11. Thanks for taking my quiz! Sorry it took so long, I'm done telling you guys when I'm going to put these out, I'm just so busy all the time! SO I need some help! How do you guys get rid of writers block? I mean, I've got events planned out, but they're all in the future so far spread out! i need to write about things happening NOW. SO you can put ideas, but all I need to know is how you get rid of writers block! Thanks!

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