Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 10

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Well, here it is, just like I promised! I don't think you guys need a refresher, because hopefully you just read the last one. If you didn't, the chapter was full of mistletoe and magic ;)

Quote of the Quiz: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. -Brian Gerald O'Driscoll this has abosolutely nothing to do with anything, but I just love it :)

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. "Emily! Zandra!" I hear my dad call. "COMING!" we scream at him, before looking back down on the photo album we were working on. Every year we make a photo album that reflects everything we've done throughout the year, and then on New Year's Day, we look over the pictures to set the mood for the year to come. Usually though our mom's start the album, so it's already mostly done by the time we get home from school. However, since both of them passed away two years ago, Zan and I took on the task and we're getting better every time we make it. "Do you think we'll finish it in time?" she asks, standing up and stretching. "Probably," I respond, tossing the book on my bed. I glance around at my neat room, glad to be home finally. I missed the window seat that I could read for hours in, and my own personal bathroom. You don't really appreciate it that much until you've got to share a bathroom with a couple hundred girls; it really puts stuff into perspective.
  2. I follow Zan down the stairs and into the sitting room where our dads are watching TV. "What's up?" Zan asks, sprawling out on the floor. I step over her to sit on the unoccupied couch. "We were thinking about having a couple people and their family's over for a Christmas party, do you guys want to plan it?" my dad asks. "Oh my gosh, yes!" squeals Zan. "Sure, why not?" I respond shrugging. "Who were you going to invite?" "Not entirely sure yet, we'll give you a list thought," dad replies. "Hey Frank, think the Humbles would want to come?" Dad asks, talking to Zan's. "Probably, but they've got a couple little ones," Frank frowns, furrowing his brow trying to remember. "Annabel and May, they're four and six," Dad reminds him. "Oh, I love little kids!" I exclaim. "We're inviting them!" "Yeah, we can find stuff for them to do," enthuses Zan. "Alright, might as well," Frank shrugs. Zan and I dash upstairs to begin planning the party.
  3. We decided to have the party on the 18th of December, a full week before Christmas. I'm not sure exactly who's coming to this party just that Zan and I had to make dinner for fourteen and prepare for two little kids. There was so much food to be made that we couldn't fit it all in my refrigerator, so we stored it in Zan's. It was pretty easy to get to it-there was a door that led into the side yard from my kitchen, and Zan's house also had a side door right there that lead into their kitchen, so we passed back and forth without any problems.
  4. We discovered that while we were at school, our dads became good friends with the Diggorys, so they came over a little early to help set up. Mrs. Diggory, or Kelly as she told us to call her, Zan and I were doing all of the cooking for now, seeing as the men in our house burn everything they touch, save for one. This one would be her son, Cedric, who goes to Hogwarts with us. He's helping make the salad while Zan and I dart around the kitchen, trying to make things perfect while making small talk at the same time. "So, you guys went to that one school, right? Cresco?" he asks. "Yup," I say cheerfully, kneading the bread dough to get all the air out. "When did you start?" "When we were eight," Zan chirps. "Eight, really?" his eyebrows shoot up, impressed. "Yeah, we were always the nerds, way advanced in magic at a young age. At least there was a school to go to where we could excel without being made fun of," Zan comments. "That's really astounding; it took me forever to even do the spell lumos." "Yeah, well, we try," I say distractedly, glancing at my watch. "I'm going to go get the turkey!" I say to the two and dance across the kitchen and out the door, over to Zan's house.
  5. Walking back in, hot turkey in hand, I nearly run into Cedric who was standing in the doorway with his back to me. "Whoa!" I yelp. "Sorry!" I twirl around him to set the piping hot food on the table. "Sorry!" he apologizes quickly. "I didn't know you were coming this way!" I pull off my oven mitts and head back into the kitchen, Cedric trailing behind me. "It's fine! Thanks for your help with the food, I don't know how Zan and I would have finished it all," I tell him, shutting the drawer I had opened to but away my mitts. "No kidding!" Zan adds on, taking off her bright purple apron and hanging it on the pantry door. Finally without it on I can see what she's wearing: a flowy red skirt with a black top and small black heels, keeping her hair down with a bright red flower in it. I peel off my royal blue apron revealing my attire for the night: dark jeans and a silky purple top that had small flours on the left shoulder and short sleeves that ended in lace; on my feet I have comfortable black flats that match the black ribbon that's tying my hair back.
  6. I glance in the direction of the door when I hear a knock, but I don't bother walking over there to open it because I see that Jake has already beaten me to it; instead I walk into the living room where everyone else has been sitting and chatting. In the room floats a kind looking woman with hair has black as night, and kind gray eyes; she's holding the hands of two cute little girls. The older of the two has hair like her mothers, but astonishing blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles across her nose. She's bouncing on her feet, swirling her pretty green dress with one hand. The other little girl was halfway hiding behind her mother's legs she has light blond hair and blue/green eyes, which are peeking out and looking around at all the people in the room. She tugs nervously at her pink dress, and shuffles closer to her mom. Following behind her is a tall man, with platinum blond hair and deep blue eyes, who's conversing with my brother. When he realizes that everyone his watching them he smiles at us before saying, "Hey everyone! You all know Kelly," he says, gesturing to his wife, "but this is Annabel and May," he informs us, gesturing to first the black headed girl then the smaller one in the pink dress.
  7. The rest of the introductions are made, and I'm chatting happily with Mrs. Diggory, Jen, as we laugh watching Zan chase around May. As soon as the little shy girl met Zan, she opened up and has been having a great time. Annabel is watching, laughing and shouting to May to not let Zan catch her. "So it will be great to be spending so much time with you girls when we go skiing next week," she tells me cheerfully. A confused look passes across my face. "What do you mean?" I ask her. "Wait, your dad's didn't tell you yet? Whoops," she chuckles nervously. She's saved from a full on interrogation when the doorbell rings. "This conversation isn't over yet!" I warn her, as I walk off to get the door. She just laughs and joins in a conversation with her husband.
  8. I open the door to come face to face with a couple, and I smile at them, assuming that they were part of the remaining three that were supposed to attend our party tonight. "Hi! I'm Sarah, Jim's daughter, are you here for the party?" I introduce myself. "Oh yes we are, sorry we're so late!" the woman rushes out. "It's completely fine," I assure her as I step aside to let them in. "I'm Regan Wood, and this is my wife Lucinda," the man tells me. "Nice to meet you," I respond politely. Wood, hmmm, probably just a coincidence. "Our son will be right back, he just went to grab my coat," Lucinda tells me cheerfully. "Oh look, here he comes now." In through the door bustles a familiar tall brown haired boy who is sporting a light red coat which he hands to Lucinda. "Here you go mum," he tells her, then turns to face me. "Hey there stranger," I tell him grinning, shutting the door. His eyes light up and he grabs me in a quick bear hug before letting go and stepping back. "Emily! I didn't know you would be here!" he exclaims. "Yeah, well, I wasn't quite expecting you either," I respond, smiling wide. "But, I'm pretty sure that your family is the reason we held off dinner, so we should probably go before Annabel and May eat Zan," I continue, leading him to the dining room where everyone else is gathered.
  9. I grab the bread out of the oven where it was staying warm, and when I head back into the dining room I find that nearly every seat has been taken. I head over to the vacant spot in-between Cedric and Oliver, smiling at May and Annabel who have taken up the seats on either side of Zan. Cedric jumps up to pull out my seat for me, and I notice that Oliver who was already halfway up to do that too glance at him warily. "Thanks," I smile at Cedric before sitting down. I glance at Zan across the table that was helping serve the two little girls. "Make some new friends there?" I tease her, watching May tug on Zan's sleeve for her attention. "Yes!" she beams at me. "They're so cute!" In response the two little girls giggle and blush. Throughout the dinner, I try to balance conversation between Oliver and Cedric, which became a lot easier when the topic of quidditch came up. I left them to it as Zan and I started to clear the dishes from the table, meanwhile people began dispersing to their own groups. Glancing over the half wall that separates the kitchen from the formal dining room I see Jake, Sean, and Oliver all discussing their favorite sport. I turn around to go grab the last dish from the table and bump straight into Cedric.
  10. "OhI'msosorry!" I blurt out in a rush. "It's okay," he responds, taking the hand he put on my waist to steady me. Annabel squeals and we both look over to see what the matter was. She was tugging on Zan's arm and pointing to something above our head. The attention of everyone at the party was caught as we looked up to see what I feared was there: mistletoe. Everyone stared expectantly at us, and I was too afraid to glance over at Oliver. I glance up at Cedric whose cheeks appear to be just as red as mine feel. "Oh, uh," I flounder for something to say. "Has that wall always been there?" I ask to no one in particular and dart off into the kitchen. Loud laughter is heard behind me as I hide in the pantry, sitting down with my face buried in my legs. "Emily, come out, that was hilarious!" Zan says laughing, walking into the room. "It was mortifying!" I exclaim. "Who knows what Cedric thinks of me now?! And OLIVER! Oh, geez Zan," I moan, putting my head on her shoulder. "Relax, Oliver looked pretty ticked at first, but when you ran away he looked a little better. Also, Cedric probably was just embarrassed as you. In case you didn't notice, at the same time you asked about the wall," she snorts, "he said he wondered if there was any snow outside and walked over to the window to check." I lift my head. "Really?" I ask hopefully. "Did you just say "˜Really?' because I would be more upset of the fact he didn't want to kiss me," Zan states. I smack her arm. "No! Of course not! We just met today, that would have been totally awkward!" I explain. "In your book maybe. Now help me come cut the cake," she commands me, pulling me up by the arm.
  11. Aside from that embarrassing incident, nothing of importance really happened. Playing hostess, I had to talk to everyone, so I had little time to chat with Oliver. Finally towards the end after people started leaving he caught me in the kitchen. "Hey," I say to him with a tired smile. He grabs a dish towel and the bowl I was just washing and begins to dry it. "You don't have to do that!" I protest. "I know, that's why I am," he winks. I roll my eyes and grab the next plate. "Well thanks." "Yeah, so, uh, you and Diggory seemed kind of close," Oliver states casually, glancing out of the corner of his eye to see my reaction. "Hmm? Oh yeah, he's pretty nice, but we just met today, and that mistletoe thing was beyond awkward," I complain, face palming myself with a wet hand. "Yeah, about that....was it that you didn't want to kiss him, or were you actually fascinated by that wall?" he teases. I blush. "No, I didn't want to kiss him! I don't even know him!" I respond adamantly. "Okay, okay, just checking," he holds his hands up in a defensive posture. I roll my eyes and hand him the last plate. "Thanks for the help," I tell him, taking the dry dishes and start putting them away. I stretch up on my tippy toes, trying to reach a shelf to put away a bowl. Warm hands cover mine, taking the dish out of my fingertips and placing it in the cupboard. I turn around and catch my breath, not realizing how close Oliver had gotten. "Anytime," he says quietly, staring down at me. "You know, Emily," he hesitates, "We're only a town or two over, and if you want, you can stay a couple of days. Mum really seems to like you," he adds on, smiling lightly. I lift the corner of my mouth in a half smile, remembering the friendly conversation I had with Mrs. Wood earlier tonight about the latest style of shoes. "I would love to," I say softly, leaning closer to him. I hear footsteps approaching so I slip out from between Oliver and the wall, taking my towel and throwing it on the counter and maintain a casual demeanor, while Oliver continues to look slightly flustered.
  12. "Man, those kids know how to run," pants Zan, walking in and getting a glass of water. "Aw, but it looks like you're their newest remodel," I tease lightly. "Shut up," she responds, giggling and hitting me on the arm. I drag her back to the door, where the Woods, being the last of our guests, are leaving. "Bye Emily!" Lucinda chirps, smiling brightly. "You'll have to come and visit sometime!" I stifle a giggle as Oliver winks from behind her back. "And the rest of us aren't invited? I see how it is," Jake jokingly complains. I elbow my brother on the side, scolding him with my eyes. "Maybe this summer, but we're spending the rest of our vacation on a ski trip," dad surprises us with the information. "What?" I ask at the same time Jake shouts out in joy. "Sweet! I love skiing!" he exclaims, hi fiving Sean. "Brothers," Zan rolls her eyes at me. "Yeah, well, I guess we'll have to visit some other time then," I tell our departing visitors, mostly aiming the words at Oliver. "See you at school," he smiles at me, letting me know he's not offended. "Bye!" we all call as they leave.
  13. Whew! Tiredness! Well, here's the tenth quiz just like I promised. WOO HOO! DOUBLE DIGITS! I feel so acomplished! And I think this was was longer than usual! Wait, let me see, what question am I on? *scrolling* hmm...14 questions, not bad! On a different topic, has anyone else noticed all the story quizzes being posted lately? Yeah, me neither. Where did everyone go?! Just a couple of weeks ago this was the hotspot of the internet, now everyone's gone! Ah well, I love everyone who has stuck around long enough to read this, I really love you all. Also, the more comments I get, the faster I upload. Just to let you know, if I get five comments, I think I hit the motherlode. So it doesn't take a lot! I'll upload regardless, but just sayin! OKAY last question: Who's your favorite?

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