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  • Perry Blackwood

    Full Name: Perry (short for Perenelle) May Blackwood

    Gender : Female

    Age: Fred and George's age in the time period (2 years older than Harry)

    Appearanc e: Perry has straight, medium length, shiny blonde hair. Her eyes are a mesmerizing, glowing amber color framed with thick, dark lashes. She has light skin, and no freckles. She's taller for her age, around 5'8 in her 7th year.

    Blood status: Pureblood, but not prejudiced.
    Hous e: Gryffindor

    Personality: fun, brave, loyal, adventurous, fiery, daring, clever, friendly, funny, sometimes stubborn

    Sibling s: Older brother by four years, Mason Blackwood.

    Other : She wants be an Auror when she's done with school. Her patronus is a lioness, and her boggart is one of her loved ones dead. She plays Chaser in Quidditch, and is really good at it. Her wand is Red Oak with a phoenix feather core.

  • I have another one, if you'll take him :) Since there doesn't seem to be any guys enetered..

    Name: Tanner Hastings
    Gender: Male

    House: Ravenclaw/Slytherin (I don't care, you can pick)

    Age: Main characters age- one year older (again, your choice)

    Appearan ce: Tanner has wavy brown hair that falls just above his unique silvery-gray eyes. He has long, thick, dark eyelashes that any girl would kill for, yet they aren't too girly. His frame is tall and slender, but still athletic looking. He has fair skin, no freckles, and perfect lips that stretch into a dazzlingly smile showing rows of pearly white teeth.

    Personali ty: Mysterious, quiet, intelligent, determined, protective, clever, defensive, and secretive on the outside. But once you get to know him he will let his true self show: loyal, brave, gentle, charming, and affectionate.

    Ex tras: When Tanner's done at Hogwarts he wants to be a Healer. He does exceptionally well at Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions, and has a secret love for Care of Magical Creatures. His patronus is a gray wolf. Great Qudditch player, he has the position of Keeper. Wand is Hawthorne with a Dragon Heartstring core.

  • Name: Alexandra(Alex) Taylor
    Gender: female
    Age: (same year as Harry in time frame)
    Blood: Half

    Looks: striking blue eyes; waist-length, brownish blonde hair; 4'11

    House: Ravenclaw; Chaser on the Quidditch team

    Family: twin brother: Alexander(Alex); little sister: 3 years younger, Hailey; mother: witch, pureblood, Ida; father: Muggle, Harvey

    And please tell me if I left out any needed information. :)

  • Name: Charlie Lincoln (Full name is Charlotte)

    Gende r: Female
    Age: You can choose.

    Appearan ce: Lightish brown hair with blonde highlights that hits above the shoulder, light green eyes, light skin, short with a small frame, about 5 feet 2.

    Height: Five three
    House: Hufflepuff
    Blood status: Muggle-born

    Pers onality: Shy, kind, loyal, very helpful to her friends, caring, she is always taking care of people, she can get irritated easily, but hides it because of her shyness, she is pretty intelligent, but her smarts fall short in a few subjects.

    Other: Charlie is good friends with Hermione, but also likes to hang-out with Cho. She has a secret crush on Harry, but he doesnt know. Charlie doesnt like quidditch, although she enjoys long rides on her broomstick. Also, Charlie has a special healing power. It isnt very strong, she can only heal some things. She cannot bring people back from the dead. When Charlie grows up, she plans to become a nurse at the Wizard Hospital.

    I am very flexible; if you need anything changed I will change it. :)

    Skyler Potter
  • Name: Annalise (Anna/Ann) Bellus
    Gender: Female
    Blood: Half (Mother muggle, father wizard)
    House: Ravenclaw

    Looks: Long Brown hair, slim face, bright blue eyes, Tall and willowy (Not awkward stick) at least 6'2 at 7th year

    Family: Younger sister named Jennifer looks like her but younger by two years

    Personality: Introvert, knowledgeable, doesn't trust people easily, can be easily irritated but doesn't really show it

  • Name: Jacqueline Fairbank
    Gender: Female

    Age: Depending on what time period you choose, Harry's or James' year

    Blood status: Pure (though not discriminatory)

    Ho use: Ravenclaw

    Physical description: Medium length, straight black hair; warm grey eyes; on the small side

    Personality: Fairly friendly, easily irritated, skeptical, introverted, mischievous, extremely protective of friends and family

    Family: Only child; lives with mother; father was killed during Voldemort's time

    Other: Extremely good student; decent at Quidditch (Seeker); can produce a corporeal Patronus (Wolf)

    Feel free to develop from there. I hope this helps :)

  • Thank you smf98 for putting a boy here! (I thought no one would)

    Oh, and everyone, I think the story will be set as first you go to Hogwarts with James, Sirius, Severus, etc... And then when you grow up you go back to Hogwarts to teach people from Harry's generation. I hope u guys like it :)

  • Oh yeah, personality: loves her little sister and twin to death; is annoyed when her dad refuses to talk about Hogwarts; BFF's with Hermione and Luna

    One more thing: her eyes flash violet when she's angry

  • By the way, you can change Perry's last name. I couldn't find one that I liked, so if you have a fitting one, go for it! And her age can change too if you want her to be centered around the main characters/a main character.

  • Sorry, I meant to put silvery-blue for Tanner's eyes!

  • I was gonna enter but I have no chance of winning.

  • @Aria: you should enter! I know you have a chance!

  • Lol sorry she is 5 feet 2. XD

    Skyler Potter

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