History of the SEC

The SEC is a very competitive sports conference that competes in 21 different sports {12 Woman sports and 9 men} I hope that you have learned or will learn more about the SEC.

Are you a sports wiz? Do you know about the SEC? How many teams are there? i hope that you learned all of these after viewing our power point. How did you like it?

Created by: Cory Soles
  1. How many sports does the SEC compete in?
  2. Name 3 teams in the SEC west
  3. When was the SEC founded?
  4. Which of the following teams was in the original SEC?
  5. What 2 sports below does the SEC compete in?
  6. Which sport does the SEC NOT compete in?
  7. Fill in the blank: The SEC is considered to be _______.
  8. What does the SEC stand for?
  9. How many teams are in the SEC?
  10. Name one of Georgia's Heisman Trophy winners.

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