His Badgirl -- Chapter 4

So, here's chapter three, enjoy. you can stop reading this stuff now....any time.....Okay, fine. Hi. My name is- wait. like i'd tell you my name......

Seriously? You are still reading this? I mean, come, on!!! And now you can stop reading this... Please?... Pretty please?... With a cherry on top? I know you want that cherry!

Created by: Houndlover

  1. Once I got to the new apartment I threw my stuff in the bedroom and opened my laptop and papers on the table. I got myself a glass of water and sat down to find out exactly where I would be going tomorrow.
  2. I opened the email that Joe had sent me and researched the school and the lessons. I huffed as I looked at their syllabus and other policies. The subjects would be easy, but I needed to do some digging into the people.There was a chance that the teachers could be in on it as well, and since I only had access to the teachers online, I decided to do some research.
  3. I clicked on the head of departments. 'Mrs Jones...' I mumbled. She was the head of English. She was a middle aged woman, looked quite fragile, but stern. I started to document information on her. I went through the Coach, the Science teachers, the Maths teachers and the Art teachers before deciding to go to sleep.
  4. I pulled off my top and jeans and put on a tank top and shorts before climbing into bed.I never thought I would have to go back to school, but here we are.Thoughts clouded my mind as I drifted off to sleep, but not one of them was positive.
  5. ***
  6. I groaned into my pillow as the alarm I had set blared in my ears. 'Man...' I moaned as I remembered I had to go to school. I pulled myself out of bed and went to the bathroom, before pulling on some black skinny jeans and a red long sleeved cropped top, that showed off my toned abs. I then pulled my hair into it's usual high ponytail, and went to the kitchen/living room. My stuff was still spread over my desk from last night. I got myself a bowl of cereal (Joe provided some food) before sitting down at the table again and doing some more research.
  7. I glanced at the time and realized that I should probably leave, so I grabbed my leather jacket from the chair it had been on and then grabbed my phone. I shut my laptop and took the papers, hiding them in the cupboard in my room, before putting the keys in my pocket, and leaving.I stepped over to my motorbike, it's shiny black surface didn't serve one scratch. I pulled on the black helmet and zipped up the jacket, before slinging my leg over the bike and stepping down to start it.
  8. The engine revved as I started the bike, and I drove out of the block, to the new school.
  9. The school wasn't far, it was actually pretty close. I felt heads turn and eyes burn through me as I came into the school. There were two bike sections, one on the left one on the right. I went straight to the empty one on the right and pulled in. Before stepping off, I pulled the helmet off and got off the bike, my heeled boots clicking as they hit the ground.
  10. People were still staring but I didn't care.
  11. I unzipped the jacket and glared at some of the people, who were quick to look away.
  12. This school was going to be a drag.

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