His Badgirl - Chapter 3

So, here's chapter three, enjoy. you can stop reading this stuff now....any time.....Okay, fine. Hi. My name is- wait. like i'd tell you my name......

Seriously? You are still reading this? I mean, come, on!!! And now you can stop reading this... Please?... Pretty please?... With a cherry on top? I know you want that cherry!

Created by: Houndlover

  1. 'Hold up. What?'
  2. 'School Ally. I need you to go there.'
  3. 'What? Why? I already "graduated" and I'm not dumb!'
  4. 'Ally, I know.' he sighed, 'You are the youngest agent we have, and the only one able to go undercover in school for a mission.'
  5. Yes, I'm the only 17 year old agent that has actually made it, 'But school?'
  6. He stood up and walked over to a filing cabinet, pulling out a couple of papers, he handed them to me, before walking to the window and looking outside.
  7. 'Ally.' he started, I glanced over the papers as he spoke, 'We have a few cases of theft, murder and kidnapping. Most of the victims were from this school, and the rest were somehow related to it. After doing some digging, we settled, that someone in the school, works for or as the "Killer". We have absolutely no details on the case, thus, the little paper work. However, whether the main man is in the school or not, he has someone working for him in the school.'
  8. He turned back from the window and walked to his side of the desk, he slammed his hands down in the table and looked me in the eyes. 'Ally, we HAVE to catch this person, and you are the only one capable of doing so.'
  9. I nodded, I still didn't like this school idea, but what could I do?I had had all the educational training in the agency, I hadn't been to school since I was 8. This should be interesting.I got out of my seat and started to leave.
  10. 'Oh and Ally.' Joe called before I could leave.I turned my hand on the door knob.'You know very well already, Trust no one.'I felt my eyes harden and jaw clench.'I never do.' I responded, before leaving the office and going home.
  11. *************************************
  12. I read through the few papers on the case again, throwing them down on my table irritated. There was no information, it was like the guy doing all this stuff was some invisible ghost.I slumped down on the sofa, groaning into the cushion. My phone started to ring and I reached out to answer it.'Hello?'
  13. 'Hi Ally.' it was Joe,
  14. 'What's up Joe?' I asked sitting up.
  15. 'Ally, you're starting school tomorrow, you'll be new obviously and you are going to have to move. We'll get you an apartment tonight, you'll have to move like, now.'
  16. I stood up, this wasn't new, I never stayed anywhere that long, 'Ok.' 'I'm going to e-mail you all the stuff for your new school, there's no uniform or anything, try not to be late...'
  17. I laughed, 'Ok whatever. I'll pack my stuff up now, can you send someone over?'I was cut off by a honk outside.'Already sorted.' he said.
  18. 'Ok cool.' I hung up and packed my things. The papers, my laptop and my phone went into my rucksack. I kept all my clothes in duffel bags, rather than closets so that I wouldn't have to worry about packing when moving. I grabbed the bags and then the keys to the apartment, then locked the doors before rushing outside to the car. The driver flashed me his ID as I did to him and then I threw my things in the car.I then pulled on my helmet and got on my motorbike, giving him the signal to drive, and that I would follow him.
  19. As we left the parking lot, I looked ahead and saw some teenagers in a park laughing and talking. I sighed to myself and looked away. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wished that I was a normal kid, but I wasn't and I wouldn't ever be, that was something I had already accepted.

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