High school msical 1+2

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL try how you know about high school for clever mind! try do you best and I promise you do you best about HSM YEAH GABRIELLA

This QUIZ take about 10 min. Try how well you know about HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL yeah DO THIS Quiz is so good !! so do it and enjoy your self FROM HSM

Created by: Vanessa
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  1. How old is Vanessa Anne Hudgens?
  2. Are Sharpay and Ryan Twins
  3. What is the name of the boy who wrote the music of HSM 1 and 2
  4. What's the school mascot?
  5. Does Troy fancies Sharpay
  6. Finish the line of the music We soring,......
  7. What Gabriella and Troy swap over at begging of HSM
  8. What Gabriella and Troy swap over at begging of HSM
  9. Does Troy and Gabriella break up at HSM 2
  10. What Sharpay and Ryan last name?
  11. In HSM 2 what is the music called on the end?
  12. What color is Troy's jacket on the end of HSM 1

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