High School Love Story Part1

This quiz is about how you just went to this school called Rigewood and u r very happy 2 be going there also u would run into 3 guys named Zack,Tyler,& jake u will fall for 3 guys which one will u choose?

ok u got the whole story up there ↑but all i got 2 say is that i hope that u wil enjoy my quiz i worked really hard on this quiz plzz rate and comment at the end thxs and ENJOY!!

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. It's your First Day and u r looking around the School in a wow look on your face u look 2 your right and u see A Group of cute guys One of them has blonde hair that covers 1 of his eyes, light green eyes and tan skin the other one has bown hair and bluish/Greenish eyes and the last one had black hair and a blue streak in it and purple sparkly eyes one of look at u and u smile and keep walking like u didn't even see him when u did "³Hi im Zack and u must be new u r looking around like u never seen a school like this befor Anywho wait...... am i talktive i think i talk 2 much~ "³No-no u don't talk alot (giggle,giggle) "³Well i got 2 go my class is geting ready 2 start bye~ And u ran 2 your class
  2. During Class all u could think of is his Smile and the way he looked at u
  3. Later on in the day u run into the Guy that had black hair that had a blue streak in it remmber?? Anyway "³Hi I'm Tyler u must be (your name) Zack talked about u all Gym class about how pretty u r and he was not joking around"³ (he blushs) "³Would u like 2 sit with us at lunch i would hope so ~ "³yeaa i would 2 ~ "³ see ya later ~ he says runing down the hall What r u thinking right now
  4. So its lunch Time and U get your Food and u look around Try 2 find him and his Group and Then u saw Tyler and u walked over 2 the Talbe Tyler asked u 2 sit u saw only 2 people u know so far Tyler & Zack who do u choose
  5. If u picked Zack then Good So u deiced 2 sit next 2 zack and u get 2 know them u end up finding out that Zack is A Jock and that gyrls All over the school luvv him (he is not a brager it just came up) Tyler on the other Hand u Found out that he his like an OutSider kind of and That He reallyy likes u alot!!
  6. U guys r all talking and This guy shows up that u dont know but u notice that he is in your math class (u hate math just saying it will come in handy later in the series just saying) He had blackish/brownsih hair and Blue eyes u could tell that he was Zacks Frand "³Hey whats up Zack who is this Sexy lady u got here~ "³Here name is (your name) and no she will not go out with her~ Zacks face gets red and looks like he is geting Mad "³Chill bro i wasn't Going 2 ask her out yet hahaha~ u look at him and laugh But u stop and drink your soda cause u see that Zack is Fuming Mad "³So pretty lady were r u from~ "³Thats it im out see u guys later u ~ Zack sys walking off and out of the lunch room u look around the talbe and everyone looks like nonthing happen u go and follow him and u see that he is walking into the hallway trying 2 be as quite as could be when he stops and says "³i know your behind me and come~ u see that he has cooled off soo u walk 2 him and ask why did u get mad at jake 4~ "³because Jake is a player thats why and i really like you so i dont want u 2 fall in love with him and get your heart broken and boom your sad for the rest of your life~ Then u look in2 his eyes and it seems like the world just stoped and u 2 kiss and life just stoped
  7. How do u kiss him
  8. After the Kiss he asks u 2 go 2 the Movies with him do you ?
  9. Later in the day you going to get your books from your locker and jake shows up u say "³Hey Jake whatz up~ "³nonthin baby hey me & Tyler are going to the Movies saturday would u like 2 join me~ "³ i would love to see you later ~ Then he gives u a kiss on the cheek
  10. On your way home you trip over a rock and everything goes black CLIFFHANGER !!!
  11. Who do u hope 2 get??

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