High School Drama pt. 1

You just entered high school, when you meet Tyler. Do you like him? When you graduate, do you want to spend the rest of your life with him? Find out on this quiz!

Are you gonna brake Tyler's heart, or be the best girlfriend ever!! What will high school bring for you?? Will it be full of drama, heart breaks, and dread? Or will it be full of happily ever afters??

Created by: Mia
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  1. It is the first day of high school. You want to make some friends, and look good. You wear
  2. You just got your books out of your locker, when someone knocks you down. You look up, getting ready to yell, when you see it is a boy, with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. He holds out his hand and says,"I'm so sorry! Let me help you up! I'm Tyler. You are?" You say
  3. When Tyler helps you up, he says,"I think we have the same homeroom. Wanna sit together?" You say
  4. When lunch rolls around, Tyler beckons you over. "(y/n), I really like you. Wanna go to a movie sometime?" You say,"Yes!" When it is time for your date you wear
  5. When he arrives at your house he says,"Wow you look amazing!" At the movie, he puts his arm around you, and then kisses you. You react
  6. At school the next day you hang out with your friend, Jesse. You tell her about the date, and about how you don't know if you like Tyler. She says,"It seems like he is taking things to fast." You respond
  7. 2 months later Tyler and you have been hanging out everyday. One day, he asks you to move in with him. You are so surprised! You respond
  8. (only answer if you said yes to the last question. If you said no just skip) You guys move in together. You asked Tyler about the bed arrangements, and he just said that we can sleep together. When he said that, you responded
  9. It is finally time for high school graduation! You parents meet Tyler for the first time, and say what a kind boy he is. Tyler secretly tells your dad that he is planning to engage to you and me asked for your dads blessing. He said yes. When you are on stage getting your diploma, Tyler asked you to marry him. You say
  10. You said yes!! You guys go off the California together, and buy an apartment. He said,"(y/n), I I had never bumped into you on the first day of school, we would never be here." You say
  11. I hope you enjoyed the quiz!! Part 2 coming soon!!! Will you rate??
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