Hi please read!

*READ THIS* I got inspired guys!! Yay!!! Now I can start on the series sooner than i thought!!! Ok well once you guys vote I'll start on the series! So excited how it's gonna turn out

Special Thanks to Firey_Soul the most FIRETRUCKING AWESOME writer ever!!! Ok well I'm gonna write random stuff meow meow meow blah blah blah.......CHEESE k done

Created by: musicdino
  1. *sigh* gotoquiz hates me! I have to start all over again!! Ok well I got inspired yay! So I made up 3 stories I hope you like them
  2. This is the first one. It's called: The admirer. A girl doesn't know what to think anymore now that her and the love of her life broke up with her until she finds a note in her locker that changes her life forever. On her journey she doesn't know where in the world she's going but somethings telling her just to trust her gut. She meets guys along the way of course they all fall for her. In the end I'm trying to make a twist like a "what?!" ending ya know?
  3. Heres the second story. I haven't made up a title yet. Ok well it's about a girl who's life isn't going exactly going exactly how she planned. She has super powers and has to save the human race from, Luke, a guy who wants to destroy them
  4. Now the third one. Ok this one is called........ *drum roll* 10 secrets! Thank you firey_soul!! :D ok this one is about a girl and her boyfriend couldn't be a more perfect couple when she finds out 10 dark shocking secrets. She's trying to find out how he could do all those things. While she's seeking the truth she finds guys along the way that of course fall for her
  5. Ok which one do you like????
  6. Ok make sure to vote which one is best and majority will win
  7. Oh and if you didn't like any I will be posting more options ok?
  8. You can skip the rest
  9. Unicorns!!!
  10. Ok i hoped you liked the stories
  11. Bye!!!

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