The Guardians Farewell: Evian

Hey guys! So, sadly, this is the last part of this series! *sniff sniff* I'm not crying, n-nope. N-not a-at all. I'll admit, I've become very attached to this series and will totally miss it!

So, I'm sooo thankful for all of you who read these and support me and all of that nice stuff. Hopefully you all continue to read my other stories I will be making lol

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. I gave a small sniff as I lifted my head up from his dead body, my eyes wandering over to his glazed ones, my body shaking as I pressed my fingertips to his cheek. Grayson had been gone for a week, and I missed him so much. Although we were at his funeral, I really just felt the need to hold on to him like a child.
  2. " Angelica? How are you?" A familiar voice asked from behind me. Evian. " I-I'm doing okay I guess. I mean... It's hard but I'll live." I said, putting on a brave face as I turned to face him. Woah, he got a lot cuter since I'd last seen him. " Are you sure? You look extremely pale." he said, his eyes full of worry as I gave a small shrug. " I'm just a bit in shock is all. I'll live." I reassured him, falling into his warm embrace.
  3. " Oh. Angelica?" " Yeah?" " Would you like to do something together? Like get a coffee or something like that?" he asked, a hopeful look growing on his face as I considered it. " Sure, sounds fun." I smiled, taking his hand in mine and walking with him to the exit.
  4. *** An hour Later ***" Really? You used to like me?" I asked, blushing fiercely as he gave a nod. " I still do, actually." " I -- I like you too. You always seem to be here when I need you the most." I grinned, sipping my mocha cappuccino as he gave a shy smile. " Do you think you could -- maybe... Like me like I like you? Like -- would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked, blushing.
  5. " I'd like that. A lot." I grinned, his eyes full of joy as he gave me a tight embrace that slowly shifted into a passionate kiss. " I love you so much, Angelica." he whispered into my lips. " I love you so much more, Evian."
  6. *** A year Later ***" You're okay with this?" Evia asked me, his eyes full of love as I gave a nod. " I prefer it this way. I don't know how they would react if they found out." I sighed, pressing my lips against his before the priest finished having us recite the wedding vows. " I understand. I love you, Angelica." " I love you too, baby." I sighed as he scooped me up into his arms, a wild look flashing through his eyes as he carried me outside.
  7. We gently twirled around the parking lot, our hands pressed together with our fingers entwined as we danced gracefully. " Angelica, how do you make the world such a great place? Without you, my life sucked. Now -- now I'm happy. With you in my arms." he whispered into my ear, his warm breath tickling my neck as I giggled. " I feel the same way about you, Evian. You're my lucky charm. My love."
  8. *** A year later ***Evian knew it before me. One day, he came up to me, placed his hand on my stomach and looked me in the eyes. " Angelica, baby. I think you're pregnant." he soothingly said, my eyes the size of saucers as I glanced down at my stomach, noticing a small dent. " How did I not notice yet?" I asked myself, frowning deeply as he gave a cute smile. " I'm glad I noticed first. Now I can tell you how excited I am to be a father."
  9. *** nine months later ***Tears trickled down my cheeks as I looked up at my loving husband, his eyes full of sadness as he gave my hand a small squeeze. The baby ended up not making it, sadly. She ended up being underweight, malnourished, to be exact. It hurt, it really did, and the way the doctor looked at me only made me hurt more." Babe, I'm sorry. This is just as hard for me as it is for you." Evian whispered, giving my hair a small kiss before I fell asleep.
  10. *** Ten years later ***Life continued on, but I still hurt from losing my baby girl. Evian did the best he could to keep me happy, but his efforts were in vain. I still loved him, don't get me wrong, I just couldn't quit grieving. " Angelica, have you noticed something?" " What?" " Look at your stomach." he insisted. Doing as he said, I noticed a large bump. I was pregnant again.
  11. *** Nine months later***I looked down at my little blessing, my lovely baby girl, who reminded me to never give up on love. Her big blue eyes melted my heart as she gave a melodic laughter that filled the room with joy. " What are you going to name her?" the doctor asked curiously, my eyes reaching Evian, who gave a small smile. " Emma Mathison Dubar."
  12. *** Ten years later ***" Mami! Mami!" Emma called out, her exquisite eyes falling over to me, her jaw dropping as she spotted me lying limply on the floor, blood spilling from a gash on my head. " Emmam.. G-go f-find your d-dad. Get E-Evian for m-me." I slurred out, my eyes barely able to stay open as she nodded vigorously. " Dad! Dad! Mami needs help!" she screamed, Evians feet pounding on the floor as he ran into the room.
  13. *** A week later ****** Evian ***She laid there, unconscious, carefully tucked away into a casket. I gave a loud sob as I watched them dig a large hole, placing her casket inside and covering it up with the dirt. She'd died from excessive blood loss, and it killed me that I never got to find out how she got hurt. It hurt me to lose her. On top of that, I lost custody of Emma and she ended up going to my aunts house to stay, so I only got to see her occasionally. I was all alone.
  14. *** Thirty years later ***Although it was hard to continue on without her by my side, I did, for thirty long years, before I ended up dying of heartbreak and going to Heaven. As I entered the pearly gates, I gave a small smile as I saw a beautiful female sitting down on the clouds surrounding her.
  15. Her blonde hair seemed to whip about wildly, yet she remained beautiful. As if she could feel my staring, she turned to look at me and my heart froze. " Evian?" " Angelica?"
  16. *** The End ***

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