Hey Daughter Of Apollo, Take This!

Hey, I made this quiz especially in response to Daughter Of Apollo's quiz. And I have to thank you for writing that Daughter Of Apollo! I really do! You have given me an idea!

And idea on how to level up fast and still be entertaining, and also help people. I haven't fully developed the idea yet, but I will make another quiz soon with the details!

Created by: LipsForKissing
  1. I'm sorry that you feel that way, but if your mom knew that you feel that way, she'd probably feel bad.
  2. When you were in gymnastics, I know it was probably disappointing that you couldn't compete, but it was too expensive to continue practicing. She probably hoped that the next year you wouldn't want to do it anymore.
  3. When she said, that you don't have a good singing voice, well, at least she was being honest. She probably didn't see it going anywhere, even if you got voice lessons, which would also be expensive. She probably just didn't want you to waste your time. And when she said that you don't have that good of a voice, think of it this way.You would be at a school talent show, in front of the WHOLE school! She didn't want you to look bad or mess up and be made fun of for years to come.
  4. Irish step, it sounds like you were amazing, and with enough practice, could've been a grand champion, but if your mom had problems with work and didn't have enough time for it, that should be fine. Where do you think the money for those lessons are coming from? And I know you said that she probably forgot, but you should've reminded her and maybe you would still be dancing.
  5. Acting, she says you have no experience, and acting schools won't do all of it if you want to get in to Broadway, or movies. Look for auditions for local shows. Start out small but then go further and further. You have to let your mom know this is what you really want and that you don't want to give up!
  6. Be persistent, and maybe she'll give in. But her not going to your games, maybe she just doesn't have time. I know how it feels to not be payed attention to, I'm one of four, but you probably have more siblings than that.
  7. And if you don't like cross country, QUIT! Apparently, there is more than one sport she approves of if your brothers play basketball and your sister plays volleyball! If neither of those sports fit you, ask to play a different one.
  8. She must love you at least a small amount if she let you try gymnastics, Irish step, and cross country!
  9. And also realize, that some of the time she may not have enough money, or time. She didn't exactly deal with your ideas delicately, but at least she tried!
  10. Acting, you still have a chance with. If that is seriously something that you want to pursue, then sit down with her and have a long talk. Ask her if she has something against it, and make it clear it's what you want to do for your career.
  11. Also, she could just be somewhat protective of you. When you go on auditions for acting, you have to be emotionally prepared for rejection. If you have had problems with rejection, she might not think it's the best idea, because if you get rejected you'll be really crushed.
  12. If you want to do something that your family doesn't have enough money for, you are going to have to try and get a job so you can chip in.
  13. And remember, she's your mother! She will always love you, even if it doesn't seem like it. If she didn't love you, you wouldn't be alive.
  14. And also, please comment what you really want to do for your career, and I'll pray for you!

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