Hermit Crab Super Quiz

Many people want hermit crabs as pets. But, are they prepared for the responsibility of owning them. Hermit crabs are fairly easy to take care of but you must feed them, give them water, clean their tanks, and give them attention.

So, are YOU prepared to buy a hermit crab ? Take this amazing quiz to find out if you are truly prepared to own one of these unique creatures.

Created by: Wiktoria

  1. Which substrate is best for hermit crabs ?
  2. Which type of shell is best for hermit crabs ?
  3. In what substance do you bathe hermit crabs in ?
  4. Hermit crabs need calcium to grow properly, which of the following foods contain the most calcium ?
  5. Hermit crabs can only survive in groups
  6. Which word describes the species of hermit crabs ?
  7. Which of the following kind of hermit crabs is not a real species ?
  8. What size tank does a group of three hermit crabs need ?
  9. How many legs do hermit crabs have ?
  10. How many shells do you need per hermit crab ?
  11. What is the ideal humidity in a hermit crabs tank ?
  12. What is the ideal temperature in a hermit crabs tank ?
  13. Do hermit crabs need a variety of different foods ?
  14. How often do medium sized hermit crabs molt ?
  15. Hermit crabs like to climb
  16. How long do hermit crabs live in captivity ?
  17. How often should you do heavy tank changes ? (Replacing substrate, boiling shells, etc.)
  18. Hermit crabs benefit from chlorine

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