Heaven... or Hell?

Ever wonder.. Will I go to heaven or hell? We all ask this question to ourselves but really... take this quiz to find out! Or are you afraid to know? =)

But people this quiz is just like a warm up to see if you are okay it is not acqurate for example if you got heaven you could go to hell or viceversa.

Created by: Fernando

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  1. Do you like metal, industrial, rap, gothic rock, or something similar?
  2. Have you ever gave your money to a hobo, charity?
  3. What do you think of sex protection? (condomns, lubricant, etc)
  4. You are at school. Then, you see the kid everyone bullies drop a 10 dollars but nobody notices BUT YOU. What do you now do?
  5. Do you jerk?
  6. Do you wear makeup?
  7. 1940, Germany You are walking on the streets and then some Nazi soldiers come by and take you to Hitler. Hitler then says : 'I don't like people that believe in God or Jesus Christ, so I kill those people' Then, he takes out a knife: 'Do you believe in God?'
  8. On sundays, you...
  10. It is saturday and your mom tells you that she wants to go to church but she needs some company so she invites you :). But then, a friend invites you over to his house to have some fun.. What do you do?
  11. Time for a nasty one- Do you live by the bible?
  12. Do you hate?
  13. Do you like violent anime, violent movies, or violent videogames?

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