Saint or Sinner

Not everyone is religious to the point of going to church every Sunday; but, we've all questioned whether heaven and hell exist. This quiz won't answer whether you're going to hell or not; but hopefully, you'll find it amusing.

It's just for fun and is in conjunction with our special guest and page layout for this month. Read the Father Kaycey blog if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Created by: Max
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  1. Who stands at the 'Pearly Gates'?
  2. What is the first infliction of Stigmata?
  3. How many stones were cast at Mary?
  4. Why did Adam eat the forbidden fruit?
  5. What are the first 4 books of the Bible?
  6. What did Jesus walk on that constituted a miracle?
  7. What was the occupation of the man that Mary had sex with before giving birth to Jesus?
  8. After performing another miracle, Jesus fed many people with what?
  9. Which commandment have you broken more than the others?
  10. What is the number of the beast?

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