Have you lost your mind?

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Hello and welcome to Mind Losing World, this world is different from many others. This world doesn't ask you questions, this world talks to you like the person or thing that you are.

I hope you enjoy this world, oh and all of the answers besides the age, gender, and last question count. Remember, this world doesn't ask questions. Have fun! ^-^

Created by: Creeper
  1. Why hello there my wonderful friends who aren't exactly my friends yet :3
  2. Now, I know you're probably wondering who I am.
  3. >.< I am so losing track of this, but anyways...I'm Janice and I will be giving you a tour around Mind Losing World.
  4. The intro is too long soooo...I'm just gonna welcome ya to Mind Losing World. (P.S. If you didn't read the top paragraphs, you really have no idea where you are) ^^
  5. Now then, your first mission is to tell me your darkest secret :D
  6. Okay so I don't really have any questions. But the answers you choose do have effect and there are results that match the title. So...don't leave.
  7. Oh...and dude...I love your face, it's like the most weirdest yet awesome thing I have ever seen, in my entire life.
  8. I: Okay, I like totally ran out of things to talk to you about.
  9. Alrighty, well. I'm done :3 See ya and have a wonderful life! ^-^

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Quiz topic: Have you lost my mind?