Harry Potter Trivia (HARD)

A Potter and Hogwarts genius would be anyone from a geeky school nerd to J.K Rowling herself!Do you have what it takes to outwit this marvellous compilement of questions?!

Continue on if you dare.... The third floor corridor of Transfiguration tricky questions are coming! And Professor Snape will be breathing down your neck the whole time.....

Created by: mimioboots

  1. Where does Vernon Dursley work?
  2. How many presents did Dudley get for his birthday (not including the presents bought at the zoo)?
  3. Who went to the zoo with Harry and the Dursleys?
  4. Where was the Boa Constrictor from?
  5. What hotel did Harry and the Dursleys stay in?
  6. Who wrote 'One thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi?'
  7. Who bowed to Harry in a Muggle shop?
  8. How often do the Gringotts Goblins check to see if someone is stuck in vault 713?
  9. What flavour ice cream does Hagrid buy Harry in Diagon Alley?
  10. What does Harry expect to buy from the lunch trolley?
  11. What strange item of food is in the opening course of the feast?
  12. What desserts where there?
  13. What tune were the Weasley twins singing the Hogwarts song?
  14. What does Peeves drop on Neville's head?
  15. Was class was Oliver Wood in during Harry's flying lesson?

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