Harry Potter story quiz part 4

Basically, not much happens in these two paragraphs as they are mostly just me jabbering on. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the quiz, and don't kill me if you don't like your results. Sorry for any spelling mistakes!

I will now attempt to wrte out the Dr. Who theme tune. Ahem. OOOOEEEEOOOOOOOOO. EEOOOO-OOOOO. OOOEEEOOOO, OOOO, OOOOO, EEE,OOO,OOOOO. EEEOOO,EEEE,EEEE. OOOOEEEEOOOOOOO!!!!! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the quiz and don't think that I'm insane.

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  1. The next day, you are let out of the infirmary, and classes resume as normal. You've just walked into Defence Against The Dark Arts, DADA for short. As you're one of the last people to arrive at class, there aren't many seats left. You look around the class room and see that Harry, Ron and Hermione are sharing a bench, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are sharing a bench, and that the only free space that isn't next to Pansy is next to Neville.
  2. You quickly sit next to Neville, and class begins. "Hello, my name is Remus Lupin, but I understand that you're supposed to call me Professor." It's the man from the infirmary. "But I understad that you're supposed to call me Professor." You look around the classroom, and see Draco looking increasingly bored with the attentions of Pansy. You can see her gazing at him, looking like a lost puppy. Draco sees you, and rolls his eyes.
  3. "During this year at Hogwarts, I'll be your DADA teacher. Some of you may know me already," Here he looks at you, Harry, Ron and Hermione, "and almost all of you will have seen me at the feast." He stands up and rubs his hands together. "Right then, because I don't really know your names, and as it's the first lesson of the year, I was thinking that maybe we could have an educational- fun lesson." The class starts looking excited. " I want you all to line up in single file, and when you are at the front, I'll ask you your name. Understand?" The class nods. "Good, let's get started!"
  4. "This lesson is going to be on boggarts. Can anyone here tell me what a boggart looks like?" You're puzzled- that seems like an odd question to ask, most teachers would ask if anyone knew what a boggart actually was before asking what they looked like. As usual, Hemione's hand shoots up. How does she know all of this?, you wonder. "Ah, you must be the famous Miss Granger.", says Professor Lupin, "Go on then." "Well sir, nobody actually knows what a boggart looks like- they're shape-changers, you see." Yet another example of Hermione in lesson mode. "Ten points to Gryffindor. Now, as Miss Granger rightfully said, boggarts are shape-changers. Can anyone tell me what they change into?" Yet again, Hermione's hand shoots up. "Somebody other than Miss Granger?" You raise your hand tentatively. "Ah, Miss _________." "Don't boggarts take the shape of whatever they think will scare you the most? I mean, they take the shape of your biggest fear." "Five points to Gryffindor. Yes, that is perfectly correct. Now, I'd like you all to start lining up, and I'll get everything ready. Accio!" A large wooden wardrobe moves into the center of the room.
  5. Everyone starts to line up, except that nobody wants to be the first. After much shuffling near the front, you sigh and say "Fine, I'll go." Nobody hears this, so repeat it again. "Fine, I'll go." Still nobody pays you any attention. "FINE! I'LL GO!" you shout at the top of your lungs. In the stunned silence, everyone turns to look at you. You walk up to the front, and glare at everyone. Professor Lupin looks impressed, and says, "Well then, Miss_______. That'll be interesting." He turns to the boys, smiles widely and asks them "How does it feel to be outdone by a girl?" Harry and Ron look surprised, Neville smiles to himself and Draco, well, Draco smirks to himself. Pansy glares at you. Lupin turns back to you. "Right. I'm going to tell you a simple spell to counter boggarts. This concerns all of you, so pay attention. Repeat after me. Riddikulus!" "Riddikulus!" The class chants. "Good, good. Now, let us begin!"
  6. You take a step towards the cupboard and bit your lip nervously. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Lupin sees this and says "Don't worry, I'm sure that you'll be perfectly all right. If anything goes wrong, I'm here to help." You're still nervous, but you try not to show it. Deep breaths, breathe in... Breathe out... In... Out... "Are you ready?" You nod. "On the count of three. One... Two... THREE!" The cubpoard door opens, and you can see a pair of bony fingers curling around the edge of the door.
  7. Is it Voldemort? No, it can't be... you think to yourself. The thing glides over to stand in front of you. You look up, and realise that it's the dementor from before. You can hear somebody shouting at you, but everything's gone muffled. "Ridikulus!" you shout at the top of your lungs. A faint spark drifts out of the end of your wand, and then disappears. "Think of something funny!" You hear Professor Lupin saying. Oh. Then you remember your great aunt. Her name was Maude, which isn't very funny, except that one time when you're parents were throwing a family get-together. Maude had turned up in a pink feather boa, high heeled pink shoes, and a pink hat covered in pink feathers. To top the look off, she had worn A pink dress that looked as though it had been a pair of curtains in a previous life. The overall impression given was that she was a massive pink ball of fluff. Which wasn't exactly helped by the fact that Maude was a very large woman.
  8. "RIDIKULUS!" you shout. Everything is quiet. Suddenly, the dementor starts to ripple and change. It's robe turns bright pink, and it has a matching feather boa and a handbag. It looks around, puzzled. Then it looks at you, and it's bony fingers start to pull its hood down.
  9. "______! Look out!" It's Hermione. You look at her, and she sees the puzzled expression on your face. She sighs and says, "When a dementor does that it means that they're going to kiss you!" You are even more puzzled. "What?" You shout back at her. "The dementor's kiss, it's when they suck out your soul!" "Oh." You turn back, and start stepping away, when the dementor pulls down its hood.
  10. Instead of a skull, or whatever you were expecting, it's you're great aunt Maude's face that you see. Well, that wasn't so scary, you think. "Honestly, _____! What kind of friends have you made? Thinking that I'm a dementor. Humph, Hogwarts wasn't like that in my day. I told your father that you should have been sent to Beauxbatons or Pigfarts, but would he listen? Oh no, because nobody ever listens to your great aunt Maude, do they?" You hear some people start to giggle at the back of the room. It's probably the mention of Pigfarts, the school that your great aunt insisted was on Mars, and had a much higher teaching standard than Hogwarts. The whole family knew that it wasn't true, because what kind of a school would have a lion called Rumbleroar as headmaster? "On the contrary, I think that this is scary enough...", you mutter to yourself. "What was that? Honestly, ______ speak up a little. Your dear Aunt Maude is getting old, you see." "I said that I'm wondering how Wuffles is." You lie. "Oh, that's what I was going to ask you. Yo see, Wuffles has gone missing again. It's the third time this week!" She breaks up into massive gulping sobs. "He was a little darling, and I can't bear the thought that he's gone to live with Arthur and his great dane! The poor little darling will be swallowed up whole!" Even more of the class starts to giggle uncontrollably. Maude looks up. "It's because I mentioned Pigfarts, isn't it!" "Errm, excuse me, but if you're such a fan of Pigfarts, then why dont you go there yourself?" Harry asks. Aunt Maude looks up, with a vaguely astonished expression on her face. "Don't be so silly, my dear boy. You can't just GO to Pigfarts, it's on MARS!" This causes you to join in with the insane giggling. "What, what is it?! Have I got something stuck between my teeth? ______, please get your friends to stop laughing at me! ______!______! What's going on?! Your father will hear about this!" Suddenly, there is a whooshing sound, and Aunt Maude is sucked into the cupboard. Lupin stands there, smiling. "Right, who's next?"
  11. After the class is over, Professor Lupin calls you and Harry back into the class. You hear Harry groan and say, "What have I done now?" "Nothing, unless you're the one who stinkbombed Snape's office." "Somebody stinkbombed Snape?" You ask. "Yes, and I want to congratulate them." You and Harry look at each other, stunned. "But I'm also going to have to ask them not to do it again. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The reason why I kept you both behind after class is that you are the only two who have been attacked by dementors. I think that if another student is attacked and I can't get there in time, iit would help to have students who can deal with it. I'd like to teach you both how to defend yourselves against dementor attacks. Sound good?" "Yes! When?" you ask. "Errrm... Okay." Harry says. "I was thinking maybe... Friday lunchtimes? You'd be able to eat lunch, but you'd need to head straight up to this classroom." "Yep, that sounds great!" Harry is slightly less entusiastic, and says "Yeah, okay." "Good! See you on Friday then." Once you're out of the classroom, you see Hermione and Ron waiting for you both. "What did he want?" asks Hermione. "You alright, mate?" asks Ron, seeing that Harry looks pale. "It's not still that dementor, is it?" "Yeah, about that... Lupin has asked us to learn how to defend ourselves against dementors." "But he can't! That's OWL level magic!" Exclaims Hermione. "It's true." you say. "But, that's suicide! Did you see what happened to Harry last time?" says Ron. "Well, no, I didn't s I had missed the train to Hogwarts. Remember?" "Yeah, but you saw how plae he was afterwards, right?" "Yeees..." you aren't sure how to respond. "Listen, guys, you aren't helping. I understand that you're all worried for me, that's fine, but I'd appreciate you not going on about it." "Harry, surely you aren't going to go, are you?" asks Hermione. "Well, I've got to, if it means that i can avoid that ever happening again."
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